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The online sex toy industry is booming with new brands popping up every day. Currently, the value of this market is more than $20 billion. The availability of a big consumer base means that a lot of people are now considering joining this business. But if you want to start an online sex toy business, what do you need to have and what should you know? Well, starting an online sex toy business in 2020 isn’t complicated. At least if you have the right knowledge. To help you kickstart this interesting journey, here is a comprehensive overview of everything that you need to know.

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Three Important Factors to Consider

To successfully open this business online, here are the key introductory components to consider:

  • 1. Website Theme: your online store definitely needs a unique theme that relates to your products. You can use a WordPress theme or alternatively get one online from other sites.
  • 2. Web Domain: a web domain will directly introduce you to your target audience without any need for explanation. You need to make sure that it relates to your business. Besides that, it should be attractive enough to quickly get the attention of a prospective client.
  • 3. Web Hosting: all websites need a host in order to remain online. There are numerous adult web hosting platforms that are highly scalable. Simply make sure that you choose a reliable and affordable plan that suits your needs.

Why Should You Invest in Starting an Online Sex Toy Business?

Generally, its benefits are what makes it outstanding. So, what are some of the benefits that this business offers?

  • · High Demand for SexToys: adults are always going to engage in sexual activities. This means that the demand for sex toys is always going to be constant. The high product demand guarantees you a constant supply of income. I don’t think there is a time when the demand for sex toys has declined. As a matter of fact, the demand is always increasing as more people continue to shun the taboo that comes with using sex toys.
  • · High Income: once you successfully establish your business, rest assured that your profits will be high. There are fewer overhead costs because your business is running online. With the constant product demand, your Return of Investment (ROI) will also be high.
  • · A Broad Product Range: this niche is extremely versatile. There are different types of sex toys that appeal to different people. All you need to do is identify the type of sex toys you want to sell and then focus on production or acquisition.
  • · Privacy: just like other types of online businesses, the sex toy business offers both you and your clients privacy. All transactions are done online and there is no chance of meeting face to face.

Important Statistics about the Online Sex Toy Business

  • · The annual growth of the global sex toy market is around 7-10 percent
  • · At least 42% of men have bought or own a sex toy
  • · Around 44% of women between 18 and 60 years have used a sex toy once or more in their lifetime
  • · Women empowerment has been crucial in the growth of this business
  • · Social media discussions about sex toys have been beneficial in enhancing sales
  • · Online sales are the biggest contributors to the total market value

The Process of Starting an Online Sex Toy Business

There is a lot that goes in before your business can even kickstart. Here is a 4-step guideline designed to help you successfully start your business:

Step 1: Have a Unique Business Idea

You want to effectively establish yourself in one of the most competitive industries, right? Well, then you must know that you need to have a unique yet attractive business idea. But what do you need to exactly do while you’re at this initial stage?


a.Consider Designing Your Own Sex Toys

There are hundreds of sex toys in different shapes, sizes, and colors. But this shouldn’t tempt you to copy what is already in the market. In fact, marketing insights indicate that the most established brands in this industry started off by designing their own toys. Some of the game-changers in the industry that worked hard and invented their sex toys include LoveHoney, Fun Factor, and the Fleshlight. Besides that, has also established itself in this industry with its attractive, effective, and unique toys. Some of the advantages of designing your own toys include:

  • 1. You own the product: once you invent a sex toy, you should patent it. That will make you the rightful owner hence you will have total control over its sales.
  • 2. Greater marketing potential: if you choose to self-design your sex toy, your chances of reaping more profits are high. This is because you will be bringing something new in an already demanding market.

Note: starting your own self-designed sex toy isn’t going to be directly easy. There are chances that you might even fail. However, the best thing to do is pick yourself up and start again. Another possible downside is that people will not automatically like your sex toy design and the marketing sector is unpredictable but this doesn’t mean you should give up. Don’t forget that you need to set aside a significant amount of finances. You need money for product design, production costs, marketing, and shipping.

b. A Wide Product Range

We are still in the first stage of the process of starting an online sex toy business. The product catalog matters because it gives customers options. You can’t design your own sex toy because of time or budgeting constraints? Well, don’t worry. Not everyone can be a manufacturer. Simply focus on providing your customers with a wide product range to cater to their different needs. This is a workable business approach that a lot of companies have successfully applied. In case you decide to do this, then you can specialize in:

b.1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping involves a direct agreement between you and one or more sex toy sellers to deliver THEIR products to YOUR clients. Yes, the products are theirs but the clients belong to you. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to have a product inventory. Secondly, your main focus will be to simply increase the size of your client base. However, make sure that you do dropshipping discreetly because customers don’t like middlemen.

b.2. Reselling

If you can’t do drop shipping then your focus should be to resell. This is an easier alternative because you need to find an affordable supplier, buy sex toys in bulk, and then sell it to your customers. However, you have to be very careful when doing this because the profit margins can be quite low. In order to be a successful reseller, here are a few tips you can apply:


  • Before you come up with the final price, make sure that you calculate all the costs you incurred and the profit you need to make.
  • Do not overstock because you don’t want losses due to low sales
  • Negotiate with the supplier to reduce their selling price
  • Always go for quality products over quantity

Comparison between Dropshipping and Reselling

Between these two options, which one is the most viable? Each one of them has its strong points. For instance, if you choose to resell, here are the benefits:

You can test the effectiveness of sex toys before reselling them. This is important for quality control.

  • · You have better control over the products you sell.
  • · It’s up to you to determine when the products will be shipped to clients

On the other hand, drop shipping has competitive advantages such as:

  • · It’s the responsibility of the supplier to keep an inventory
  • · All you have to do is to place your order and the supplier will do the rest.

While both reselling and dropshipping have their strong points, here are their downsides. With reselling:

  • · You have to keep a stock inventory and this is costly
  • · Note that the running of logistics is also under you. You need it to be reliable and quick because customers need these products on time.

Looking at dropshipping, here are its downsides:

  • · It’s not easy to find quality suppliers with sex toys that can provide you with good profit margins
  • · You’re not responsible for shipping and sometimes the supplier might delay. This may end up affecting your reputation among your clients.
  • · Even though you are selling the products to your clients, the products are usually branded with the supplier’s name. This can easily create confusion between you and your customers.
  • · It’s very easy for customers to eliminate you as the middleman. So, this means that you can be thrown out of business at any time.

Note: from the above comparison, it’s clear that both dropshipping and reselling have their pros and cons. You can choose either depending on your budget and also marketing preferences. But generally, reselling seems to be much better. So, now that you have a clue about what type of sex toy business you want, how do you want your website to look like?

c.Create an Appealing Website Theme

This is where you allow your creative juices to flow. People are usually attracted to beautiful and distinct things. So, at this point, your focus should be to create a sex toy site with specific but eye-catching esthetics.

Remember that this market is highly competitive. You want to attract and retain customers. So, where are you going to draw your inspiration from? Well, your inspiration can be from movies, music, and current trends. Are you a fan of Thanos or even ironman? These are some of the things that can act as excellent sources of inspiration. The best thing about this industry is that there are sex toys for various niches that you can focus on and they include:

  • · The Pleasure Garden that seeks to cater to those with chronic illnesses or disabilities
  • · Silicon wives feature luxury dolls made of silicone and a blend of fine materials that provide sell doll lovers with a real feeling
  • · The bondage-oriented twisted monk that includes ropes
  • · Elecra-stim sex toys for electrostimulation

You can combine sex toy fetishes with a certain group of people. For instance, there are sex toys designed specifically for men, women, and Trans among other groups of people. The key to finding your niche is to allow you to focus and stand out. If you are disoriented and try to sell a broad range of products in no particular niche, you might end up losing everything. Find a group of people that you will love to work with and then find a niche-specific sex toy fetish that will appeal to them.

c.1 Identifying Your Sex Toy Niche

We’ve talked about the niche and how it’s important. So, how do you know the right one for you? Ideally, you are going to compete with huge brands that have been in the industry for quite some time. In addition to that, you are still new so, you need to ensure that you find a good niche.

For starters, the best way to find your niche is by identifying your client base. For instance, if you are focusing on those who love BDSM, then you need more bondage toys. If its women, it should be more of vibrators and dildos. It’s useless to try and sell a synthetic vagina to a woman since its men who mostly use this.

There are so many angles that you can specialize in every niche still. For example, your focus can be teledildonics that is normally controlled via the web. It’s suitable for those in long-distance relationships. There are also high-tech toys as well as eco-friendly products. Overall, there are just unlimited options to look at. Even in a specific niche, you will still find that there are sub-niches.

Why a Niche is Important?

  • · Your level of productivity will increase as you focus on a specific market
  • · Your brand will be known in a specific niche
  • · A niche allows you to improve and upgrade your product and services. This is because specialization allows you to understand the specific needs of a certain group of people who use sex toys.

 Note: we are advising you to stick on a niche as you are just starting out. This will be good for you as you try to build a solid client base. But once you are on your feet and making good sales, then you can increase your sex toy variety. Having a wide product range is good, isn’t it?

STEP 2: Reliable Suppliers & Quality Products

You’ve found a niche that appeals to you and familiarize yourself with the sex toys you’re going to sell to your target audience. So, finding a reliable supplier with quality products should be now your focus.

a.Finding Reliable Sex Toy Suppliers

As your newbie, it’s going to take you a couple of months before you can fully identify the best suppliers. However, this shouldn’t deter you from taking time to scrutinize different supplier profiles. Some of the key components of a good sex toy supplier include:

  • · Premium sex toys: the high-quality of their sex toys should definitely be what’s making them stand out.
  • · Cost-effectiveness: a good supplier should have products that offer value for money. But don’t go for expensive sex toys thinking that they are the best. Take time and analyze if the value of sex toys match their prices.
  • · Product design: well, sex toys need to be unique and appealing. Remember, you’re trying to compete with established brands. So, you need something that will quickly attract the attention of a shopper.
  • · Location and deliveries: ensure that the supplier can easily reach the delivery area that you’re targeting. In addition to that, they should be timely and delivered in private. One of the reasons why we insist on fast delivery is because most sex toy buyers are usually impulsive buyers. So, delaying might cause them to cancel their orders.
  • · Customer care: the supplier’s customer care should be accessible throughout. In addition to that, there should be multiple forms of communication e.g. direct calls, live chats, and email messaging among others.


Branding simply involves the unique packaging of sex toys to ensure that they are easily identifiable. Remember that even the best sellers in this sector have branded themselves in order to stand from the crowd. Make sure that you use a beautiful logo an attractive packaging material. Create something that will increase your market’s visibility.

In order to successfully price your sex toys, ensure that you calculate the total costs involved. In addition to that, you need to consider the profit margins that you expect. The aim is to make sex toys affordable but still ensuring that you earn good profits.

The overall costs also depend on the type of supplier. Are you making your sex toys or are you outsourcing the items for reselling? For instance, if you are making these products, you must include the cost of materials, transportation, manufacturing, labor, and electricity among others. Additionally, storage, as well as the production of packaging, should be included. On the other hand, you have to think about storage and shipping costs for reselling while with drop shipping, you have to think about the agreed price with the supplier.

After that, there are still be processing fees incurred depending on the mode of payment and hosting. Lastly, you need to check what your closest competitors are charging before you can finally come up with a price range. You now see, there is actually a lot that goes in before you can come up with the final price.

The only time that you won’t focus on shipping is when you’re dropshipping. However, if you are reselling or self-creating then you have to consider how shipping will be done. Once a customer selects an item from your website, they will pay. From there, you will go to the dropship supplier’s site and then place the same order and then the rest will follow.


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STEP 3: Developing the Sex Toy Website

Well, we are now half-way in the process of opening an online sex toy business. So, at this stage, you need to understand what’s essential and what you should avoid. Let’s start with the don’ts.

a. What to Avoid

You’re trying to set a highly competitive and legit business, right? So, you need to adhere to the rules of the game and still manage to have an easily navigable and attractive website.

i. Standard Hosting Providers

Avoid them like plague since they will end up making you lose your business. Note that there are also big host providers that claim they efficiently host adult content but chances are that their presence will eventually result in a negative business impact. This normally happens because of:

Copyright Infringement: there are serious copyright rules in the sex toy industry. Note that even if you are going to self-create the sex toys, chances are that there are some parts that will be similar. This means that a big brand can send you a copyright claim for something very small. What happens when you use standard website hosts like GoDaddy and Bluehost is that your website will quickly be taken offline before even your case is handled. So, you will end up losing revenue.

Volatile business environment: the online sex toy industry is very sensitive. You’re going to constantly receive complaints from customers. On the other hand, your competitors will be on your neck with threats. If you are going to use standard hosting providers, then be prepared to walk in a volatile business environment. In case of multiple complaints, these big hosting companies will still go ahead and close down your site because they value their reputation.

You’re just starting out and these hosting companies have reputable clients that they normally focus on. Avoid using a big hosting provider as they have millions of clients and they have very strict policies that make it hard for online sex toy businesses to thrive.

ii.White Label Websites

There are white label sites that usually hand all the infrastructure of online businesses. Using those means that they will be responsible for crucial tasks such as processing of payments, dropshipping, and website hosting among others. The truth is that using them will mean fewer profits for you. Their commission rates are usually more than 40%. Additionally, you might also be required to pay a one-time fee and they mostly use preloaded website templates.

b. What to Do: Be the Boss!

If you want to be successful in this sector, then you have to be the boss. This gives you full control over your business. In addition to that, you will be directly responsible for the handling of clients. In order to set up your website, look for a host who specializes in hosting adult sites. They understand things such as copyright infringement hence they won’t quickly shout down your site in case of a complaint. Additionally, you stand a better chance of the host listening to and fixing your problems.

c. The Right Website Theme

We are almost there! You now know what type of hosts to avoid. But what exactly should your website theme look like? Remember that you need to have a brand name for your website as well as the domain name.

Script or WordPress Theme?

These are the only two major options for selecting a website theme. You can either use a script or WordPress. However, the latter is the most used in the online business platform. Out of the top 1000 sites in the world, almost 30% of them use WordPress while a total of 26% of websites are made with it. But why is WordPress the most popular CMS?

  • · It allows users to build any type of site that they can image
  • · It’s reliable and powers major brands like Time, CNN, and Fortune
  • · There are very low chances of downtime
  • · Users have full-root access
  • · It providers plugin versatility as well as power
  • · It has a broad range of themes ranging from unique powerhouses to simple and lightweight frameworks
  • · It’s easy to install various plugins
  • · It provides users with ease of use. Note that you can easily change themes in seconds.
  • · Its user friendly with Google, the most popular search engine. So, using it will help you rank higher in Google search results

iii.Website Name

Of course, a unique name is what will set you apart from the crowd. The name you choose should complement your business model. What this means is that when someone goes to the search engine to search for sex toy shops, your website name should pop up. There are usually two types of website names:

 Branded Names

Branding your website’s name is good if you are focusing on increasing the visibility of your brand. This type of name is aimed to increase awareness of your target audience. Generally, the aim of branded website names is to enhance recognition and make it more memorable. Some of the most popular brand names in this industry include:

  • · It takes time to build a brand. And before you get a brand name, you have to first build your brand. So, this mode of naming is only suitable if you have an established brand.
  • · Search engines such as Google have to first verify the credibility of your brand before you can even rank higher in search results.

SEO-Optimized Names

SEO has changed the way e-commerce is done and that’s why it provides one of the most effective ways of naming a website. With this mode of naming, the website’s name usually contains at least one keyword. Examples of SEO-optimized names for sex toy brands include:

With SEO-Optimized website names:

  • It’s easier for your target audience to access your site
  • Your site will easily rank up in search engine results
  • It has a higher conversion rate. What this means is that people will go to your website if the name directly suggests what you offer

But it’s not all rosy when it comes to using SEO-optimized websites. Think about it, how many brands are in the online sex toy industry and how many of them use simple keywords? This means that

  • · Simple and appealing keywords have already been used
  • · You might be forced to use long keywords and this means that your site will rank low in search engine results
  • · These names aren’t brandable because they are common and used everywhere

Important Tips for Choosing a Website Name

To ensure that you choose the best name for your site, here are some of the key factors that you need to consider:

  • · Simplicity: a good brand name should be simple with fewer words. In case you are using an SEO-optimized name, then the website name should have a couple of keywords.
  • · Ease of typing: remember, no one is going to type complex names when looking for a sex toy shop. Additionally, search engines usually rank simple names higher compared to those that are complicated.
  • · Memorable: you want the client to retain your website’s name in the back of their memory for a long time. So, your aim when choosing a website name should be to create an impact.
  • · Avoid using numbers, hyphens, or abbreviations: no one is going to search for things such as “sw8t sex toys”, “black-dildos”, or even “best sex toy”. Although these names are short, at no point in time will anyone type them in the search bar leave alone remember them. Steer clear out of such!

iv. Look for the Appropriate Domain

A domain name is a type of ID string that is used to identify one or more IPs. It’s basically an address that internet users can use to access your site. Some of the common domain extensions include.

As you know, .com is the most popular hence a favorite to most people. Most internet users love it because it looks legit. Alternatively, you can go for .tv or .io. But the online sex industry is extremely versatile hence you shouldn’t limit your options to such domains only. With a great website name, you can choose other domain extensions that are normally used in the adult web industry such as:





.sex and others


v.Buy Adult Hosting Services


When choosing your preferred site for hosting, check if it’s reliable and secure. You will be dealing with a lot of personal credentials, especially in payments. On the other hand, reliability is important in ensuring that you stay online always.


But why should you specifically buy hosting services designed for adult websites? Well, this is because the content in your site is age-restricted. By choosing such a host, you are guaranteed that your site won’t get shut down. Even though adulating hosting is a great choice, you can go ahead and choose adult VPS hosting. It has an upper hand due to the following benefits:


· Speed optimization and fewer chances of downtime

· Adult VPS is stable and reliable

· It’s easily customizable and it allows for unlimited traffic


vi.The Installation Process

You have a website name and have even picked up the domain name, right? It’s now time to design your website. The best thing about the installation process is that it’s simple and takes less than 5 minutes only! You simply need to pick your theme and then install the demo.

If you are going to choose a reliable web host, then you can go for a brand that has good reviews. Experience is also important. Choose a hosting company that has been in the adult sex industry for quite some time. Possible advantages of choosing a reputable brand include:

  • Excellent customer service: all your issues and complaints will be solved instantly.
  • Relatable community: a reputable adult web hosting definitely has a solid community that it has built over the years. So, you will network and share your experience with others who are in the same industry. This will give you the perfect opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of the sex toy online industry. In case you have a problem during the installation process, then you can always contact them and you will guide a comprehensive guide regarding this process.

vii.Add Your Products

You’re almost there. Carefully add a product inventory that your customers need. The best thing about established hosting companies such as ViceTemple is that they come with a pre-selected theme that ensures that the process of adding the inventory is much easier. In addition to that, the brand ensures that all the theme functions have been configured to complement the needs of an online adult store.

viii.Add the Modes of Payments

viii.Add the Modes of Payments

Currently, there are multiple payment options that you can use. Ensure that you give your clients the option of using more than one mode of payment. This helps to create versatility. PayPal is one of the best modes of payment to include in your modes of payment.

ix.Create a Launching Plan!

You’re nearing to launch of your website. So, make a plan. This means that you need to have a checklist of the most important things. Set a target for the prelaunch reach where you will get feedback from a selected group of potential clients. Go ahead and build an email list and then verify if the payment alternatives are working. Once all these are done, you’re set to start your business.

STEP 4: Build a Marketing Strategy

Well, this is the last and definitely the most important step that aims to convert potential clients into customers. You can’t succeed in e-commerce without marketing. You want to attract a big number of client base, right? On the other hand, you want to ensure that you retain previous customers. So, what do you do? Focus on marketing.

But as much as we only know that marketing is usually done outside your website, your marketing efforts will only be successful if you have an easily navigable website. This means that:

  • · The website should be easy and quick to open
  • · Ensure that you have an appealing and well-optimized theme
  • · Easily navigable to better searching for sex toys. For instance, is one of the easily navigable websites with the user interface divided into various appealing categories.

Now, let’s look at the outside components of marketing.

a.Have a Marketing Strategy

What are you seeking to accomplish after marketing? Having a well-outlined strategy allows you to focus on the core marketing components that matter. Do you want high conversion rates? Well, the key, in this case, is to create a buzz regarding the effectiveness of your sex toys.

You don’t need random visitors but people who have the potential to buy your items. So when you are marketing, make sure that you carry it out in relevant platforms and communities.

b.The Type of Marketing

Are you going to use paid or free marketing? Remember that you are still a newbie in this sector. So, it’s ideal that you start with paid marketing because it will yield better results. However, you need to have a solid budget and this might not be possible initially.

Free marketing usually appeals to most people because you don’t spend a dime. It’s also great since you don’t have to divide your profits. Again, this type of marketing can easily increase your brand’s visibility and lead to the growth of your revenue.

b.1 How to Effectively Market Your Brand for Free

You can enhance the amount of traffic that comes to your site by:

Joining Related Forums

There are many forums that talk about adult toys. You should find a community that reviews sex toys and join them. Talk about your brand in these forums and what it offers. Who knows at the end of the day you might end up attracting a client or two. Some of the best forums that you can consider joining include:

  • · Extreme Board
  • · Good in Bed
  • · Adult DVD Talk, etc.

Creating Amazing SEO Content

Remember that you want your site to rank higher in search engine results. So, definitely you need to create high-quality and relatable SEO content. Sit down, do your own research, and then write down the content. To effectively do this, you can use SEO tools such as the Keyword Planner Tool that ensures you use the relevant keywords.

Note: there are two types of keywords: low competition and high competition. The latter usually have many searches but it doesn’t mean it’s the best. For instance “vibrator” is one of the most used keywords with hundreds of thousands of monthly searches. But looking at it, not everyone who types in vibrator in search engines is looking to buy it.

Meanwhile, “buy a vibrator” is a low keyword phrase that can have a few thousand searches per month. But this is an ideal keyword because most people who type it actually want to buy a vibrator.

Write Guest Posts

By writing guest posts and creating backlinks to your website, you freely increase your chances of reaching a wider audience. There are other popular websites that deal with sex-related issues as well as magazines. Seize this opportunity and request to do a guest post for them.

Post on Social Media

There is no doubt that social media is one of the best platforms to freely advertise your business. Simply create a business profile for your online store on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure that you use hashtags and sharing options to ensure that your posts reach a bigger audience. Social media has proved to be beneficial for most businesses because of the following:

  • · Direct engagement: these platforms allow you to interact one-on-one with your potential clients.
  • · Better traffic drive: if you can interact directly with your customers, you also stand a better chance of directly increasing your web traffic. This happens when you provide them with direct links to the products that they are looking for.
  • · More brand awareness: the higher the number of followers on these platforms, the more brand awareness. If you are getting good reviews on social media, the higher the chances of more people using your brand.
  • · Better insights: social media will provide you with deeper insights about what’s working, what needs to change, and how you can create new products that suit the needs of your target audience.
  • · Look at what your competitors are doing: if you just focus on your website, you will not be able to tell what your competitors are doing. But with social media, you can at least stalk your closest competitors and look at what they are doing. Look at how they interact with their customers, how they respond to complaints and the general language they use in their posts.

b.2 How to Effectively Use Paid Marketing

Free marketing seems good but you need to understand that a lot of people actually use it. So, you might not get the ultimate profit that you need to drive sales. Meanwhile, paid marketing normally leads to better traffic even though high traffic doesn’t necessarily translate to high conversion rates. But too effectively use paid marketing tactics:

Pay a Media Outlet

A paid media network such as YouTube can significantly improve your website’s traffic. Your sex toys will be able to reach a better and wider audience, especially those who love sex. The best thing about creating paid YouTube ads is that visual content can efficiently trigger visual stimuli.

Paid Google Ads

Google is the most used search engine and you can actually do your website justice by using paid google ads. With Google AdWords, you need to create attractive keywords and if they are effective, they will always appear on top of search results when someone is looking for sex toys.

Paid Social Media Marketing

It seems that social media is the king when it comes to internet marketing. While freely posting can help you get traffic, this won’t do you justice. There are paid ads that use the social media algorithm to reach the relevant audience. Remember that you want solid leads and not just soft prospects. For instance:

  • · Twitter is the 2nd largest SM platform that’s easy to use. Your ads can feature hashtags and target specific keywords.
  • · Facebook: it’s the largest SM platform that allows you to target a specific audience. It’s very popular because the ads are very cheap.
  • · Instagram: it’s highly effective for posting visuals such as images and videos. It allows you to add pricing and even the link to the website.

c.Check What Your Competitors Are Doing and Improve on It

The sex toy industry, just like any other business is versatile and always check. You need to be up to date with what your competitors are doing. But how can you effectively do this? There is Google. You can easily search for the current trends in this industry and then determine some of the key areas where your competitors are edging you out. Set Google Alerts for your rivals. This allows you to be on the know regarding what their new releases are and what are they currently talking about.

Check your competitors’ backlinks using the backlink checker to determine some of the websites that they have been mentioned in. from here, you will certainly have a better preview of the adult communities, magazines, and businesses that they frequently engage with. Take this information and use it to modify your business strategies and within a short time, you will improve significantly.

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The Bottom Line

The online sex toy industry is not very hard to navigate, especially if you understand all the basics. A brand such as has managed to stay in the game by just knowing and utilizing the standard requirements. This is an industry that has constantly undergone advancement throughout the years. Technology has led to the development of better and more effective sex toys that are multifunctional and highly controllable. There have also been social media advancements and people now openly discuss the use of sex toys on various online platforms. It doesn’t matter the niche that you want to focus on since you are guaranteed a better market share.

However, you need to get your finances right and implement multiple payment options. Don’t forget that marketing is one of the most important factors that you should consider, especially if you want high conversions. Constantly look out at the current marketing trends, closely monitor your competitors, and get creative. With all these, you will soon start to reap big by opening up your online sex toy shop.

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