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The effects of pregnancy and childbirth often leaves a woman physically and hormonally in need of rest. Carrying a child, giving him/her all your nutrients and physical protection for nine months may seem a natural process, and it is, but that doesn’t mean the body is not effected. Creating another human being within your womb is magical, but 24/7 for nine months of your life every bit of your energy system, food sources and blood chemistry, your immunity system and mental stamina is devoted to one purpose. It makes sense that for the rest of that year, your body will need to restore itself.

The actual process of delivering a child is a major force of life requiring stamina, energy and force that drains every cell of your body. The hormones required to keep that process going until the work is done drains every system of the body as well. Having a baby is work. The delivery process can also require a lot of physical healing. The body may look healed from the outside very quickly, but the inside has a lot of healing and repair to complete also.

When a couple takes the newborn home, this small human being impacts the environment around him/her in ways you never thought possible. Constant concern, lack of sleep and many adjustments to scheduling and availability. There’s no wonder mood changes, arguments and feelings of being overwhelm start to erode even the best of relationships. If a new mother is healing physically, hormonally and emotionally after six weeks, there is no need to be concerned. Once the body is ready, and the new couple adjusts to the parental routine, they will start to remember who they were when they first met. Feeling for each other will blossom once again if the couple has been understanding and patient with each other.

Sexual attraction is a dynamic force that can return all on its own in some relationships, but often it will take some consideration and effort to bring healing to wounded feelings. If the child’s new father realizes that this baby has drained his woman of her life force in order to survive, he can actively help her renew her physical and emotional strength. Excellent healthy foods, fruits, salads and comfort foods like meat and potatoes with gravy show your affection and concern for her. She may object because she is worried about what you think about the changes to her body, but starving herself to try to lose her “baby weight” causes the body to store fat not use it.

Try just holding her, kissing and nuzzling without any expectation for sex. If after two-three months, she is still worried about having sex, make sure you take her to her OBS/GYN to get an okay from her doctor. He will have some valuable information to help her. Romancing isn’t a one-time thing, keep finding ways to encourage the old feelings.

The only time to start introducing vibrators and sex toys is after she gives the green light go ahead physically. Start slowly or you will find the process going backward. Sex toys can be a lot of fun for couples once the new mothers’ body is fully healed.