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Guest written by Rain Andersen (@wearenotfriends_), a marketing and e-commerce coordinator for Lovers. Rain is a retired sex worker, pleasure advocate, and sexual wellness expert. Rain has worked in the adult entertainment industry for eight years and in the adult retail industry for four years.

We often joke about the process of invention- mocking our ancestors for the crude tools they created in an attempt to problem solve. Admittedly, it took us until 1797 to invent the broom, 1855 to invent the condom, and 1928 to invent sliced bread. Would it surprise you to learn that it took virtually no time for us to start using sex furniture? People have always sought out ways to support different sexual positions and acts- so while it took some time for sex furniture to reach peak popularity, low budget modifications have existed for centuries.

Catherine the Great, Russia’s longest reigning female ruler, was well known for the unique furnishings she incorporated into her private salon. King Edward VII was also said to have influenced the popularity of sex furniture, with the commission of the worlds first known ‘love chair,’ designed to support the body weight of “two or more women simultaneously.”

These days, you don’t need to be a member of the royal family sit atop your own sexy, throne. Sex furniture has entered the mainstream. With this guide you can identify the best styles of sex pillows for your lifestyle and sexual goals. Continue reading to find the best sex positioning pillows at Lovers.


  1. The Anatomy of a Sex Pillow
  2. 5 Benefits of Using a Sex Pillow
  3. The Best Pillows to Support Your Favorite Sex Positions

The Anatomy of a Sex Pillow

Sex Pil·low

A firm and angular pillow that can be used to support a variety of sex positions by reducing discomfort, and improving accessibility.

While there are many styles of sex furniture to choose from, there is none that is as popular or as accessible as the sex pillow. When compared to their more luxury counterparts, sex pillows offer a greater range of versatility and support. Sex pillows offer a portable and cost-effective alternative to the bespoke sex furniture found in professional dungeons. Their stealthy, light-weight, and moisture-wicking design adds to their discretion, giving users the freedom to explore new and exciting sex positions in virtually any setting.

You may be wondering how these products differ from the other pillows, cushions, and blankets in your home. The difference it seems, is at a sex pillows core. Sex pillows use a material called champagne foam to help accommodate the weight and pressure of your body. Champagne foam is a non-toxic, tear-resistant, and impact-resistant polyurethane material that is commonly found in mattress toppers. Liberator®, the largest manufacturer of bedroom adventure gear, designed and engineered this material. Their distinctive, premium quality sex pillows have made bedroom furniture more accessible to the modern consumer, helping to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with certain sex positions. Each of their products uses a champagne foam core, wrapped in a luxurious microfiber cover. This patent-pending material will not slip or slide across the surface of your bed; it’s designed to grip to other fabrics to improve control. The inner, water-resistant nylon liner protects your pillow from moisture and dust, absorbing your bodies natural fluids as you play. With the support of Liberators iconic sex pillow shapes, users can improve performance, stamina, and focus during sex.

5 Benefits of Using a Sex Pillow

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Sex Pillows Improve Sensation: It’s true that sex pillows can increase your chances of reaching orgasm. Using a sex pillow allows us to elevate parts of our body, providing a clearer path to erogenous zones like the G-Spot and Prostate. With the support of a ramp or wedge, we can better stimulate these areas that so often elude us. We often try to do this with help of the pillows found on our bed, only to sink deep into their folds. This can leave us feeling distracted and strained in our most intimate moments. A sex pillows comfortable, foam material allows your partner to give in to sensation and focus on the moment, ultimately improving our chances of orgasming.

“The brilliantly created Liberator Shapes exquisitely assist Mother Nature by providing subtle yet substantial ‘genital geometry’ realignment…with greater ease, enjoyment and comfort than ever!”

-Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard,

Sex Pillows Level the Playing Field: “Seeking partners over 6ft” sounds like a chill idea but it can present some surprising challenges when it comes to having sex. Sex pillows can help us to navigate these challenges by elevating and angling the genitalia to match our partners height. Sex pillows like the Liberator Flip Ramp and Wedge Ramp Combo are a great solution for couples with a height imbalance because they stand higher off the ground then other styles of pillows. This offers more linier support and can help to combat penetrative pain.

Sex Pillows Help You to Conceive: Looking to start a family? Sex pillows are the ultimate positioning product for encouraging conception. One scientific study on the Factors Affecting Reproductive Performance (Robert Hatcher, M.D.; James Trussel, Ph.D.; Felicia Stewart, M.D.) reported that “The best position for pregnancy-inducing intercourse may be with the woman on her back, with hips supported and elevated by a pillow.” Holding your legs above your head after sex has been practiced for centuries, thought to coerce semen to move more quickly towards their objective. With Liberators Classic Wedge Ramp, we can adapt these traditions to better support our goals.

“Women who want to conceive are advised to stay in bed with their hips elevated by a pillow for 15 minutes after intercourse.”

-Albert Deckir, M.D. & Suzanne Loebl, “Why Can’t We Have a Baby?”

Sex Pillows Allow for Deeper Penetration: The average penis measures between five and six inches when erect. Individuals with shorter penises can benefit from the support of a sex pillow, creating the illusion of fuller, more stimulating strokes. By finding the right angle for your body, you can provide deeper penetration and improved sensation. Positioning pillows are well known for eliminating some of the physical limitations that contribute to sexual discomfort, desensitization, and penetrative pain.

Sex Pillows are Mess-Free and Stress-Free: Squirting and facials are all fun and games until its time to clean up. With Liberators fluid-absorbent material, you never have to worry about complicated cleaning routines- simply remove the exterior shell and drop it in the washing machine to sanitize it.

“You would be amazed at the variations three inches up or down can create.”

-Marvin Grosswirth, “Guide to Sex for Large Couples”

The Best Pillows to Support Your Favorite Sex Positions

Liberator Wedge ($119)
Position: Missionary Oral Sex
The Liberator Wedge is described as one of the best positioning pillows on the market. The slope of this pillow elevates the hips, providing greater access to the G-Spot and Prostate. With a generous, 27-degree incline, the Liberator Wedge can help you to perfect your favorite sex positions. Ideal for oral sex, doggie sex, or elevated cowgirl, the Liberator Wedge is the bedroom adventure gear that will transform your sexual routine. Easily transport, stow, or stack your pillows thanks with the Liberator Wedge’s modest size.

Liberator Flip Ramp ($219)
Position: 69 Oral Sex
When you can’t commit to a specific shape, the Liberator Flip Ramp offers the perfect compromise. This ottoman shaped pillow provides a unique style of support, ideal for any upright sex position. Lift the ottoman’s seat to transform your positioning pillow into a high-end ramp, that dips to support the natural curves of your body. This luxe sex pillow is large enough to support two bodies, with subtle peaks and dips in elevation that provide access to your favorite hot zones. Discreet and stylish in design, this sex pillow will blend into any home.

Liberator Black Label Ramp Wedge Combo ($339)
Position: Missionary
The Black Label Ramp Wedge Combo is a bondage-inspired sex pillow set from Liberator’s Black Label Collection. Their signature microfiber sleeves are designed to cling to one another, allowing users to create their own sexy, jungle gym of pillows. Two, best-selling wedges come equipped with eight connector-points, perfect for exploring a variety of kinky sex positions while keeping your partner bound.

Liberator BonBon Toy Mount ($99)
Position: Doggie Style
The Liberator BonBon is a positioning pillow designed to hold your favorite, insertable toy. Crafted in a beautiful, half-moon shape (inspired by the spanking bench), the Liberator Bonbon can provide extra cushion and support for positions like cowgirl and doggie. The durable foam core will give your lover something to grip onto as they ride, providing plenty of support to the abdominals when transitioning to backdoor positions.

Liberator Pulse Toy Mount ($99)
Position: Cowgirl (& Cowboy)
Let us take you for a ride on the Liberator Pulse Ramp. The Pulse Ramp is a cutting-edge sex position pillow, equipped with three built-in pockets that are designed to hold your favorite sex toys. The Liberator Pulse Ramp uses rounded contours to facilitate a gentle rocking motion, perfect for maximizing every thrust. It’s saddle-inspired shape is the perfect option for anyone who enjoys the iconic cowgirl position.

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