How sex dolls will affect us in the future

This is not an exercise. Sex DollInfluencers are becoming a real deal. What are the reasons behind it and what is their future? This article has all the answers.

Do you remember the days when Instagram was just a photo-sharing platform for amateur photographers? Don’t worry. Neither can we. Like any other social media platform, Instagram has come a long way since its beginnings. Today, it is home to many exciting creators. While most people talk about popular models, actors, foodies or athletes, there’s a new trend on the rise – sex doll influencers.

No, it’s not a joke. The sex doll Instagram community is real. And, it’s getting more and more attention online! Your question might be, why? As strange as it may sound, there are many reasons why sex dolls are popular. Let’s dive into the world of sex doll content creators and see where it all started, and we may find out that it takes more work to become one than you might think.

Breaking the Internet

Although the Instagram sex doll community is relatively new, its online origins can be traced back to 2001. That year, a few sex doll enthusiasts created a website called The Doll Forum. Fast forward to today, and the page brings together over 70,000 members to share photos and opinions of their dolls. When it comes to the first Instagram sex doll influencer, we need to go back 5 years.

In 2016, T, an American sex toy critic, read an article about a woman who had undergone multiple plastic surgeries to look like a sex doll. It was then that T decided to start an Instagram account for his partner Celestina. What’s unusual about it? As you may now suspect, Celestina is not an ordinary woman. She is a state-of-the-art synthetic doll.

T’s goal was to see if Celestina could gather more followers than the sex doll impostors he’d read about. with over 3,000 followers in 2021, Celestina is considered a pioneer in the Instagram sex doll community. But he’s not the only one. Every year, more and more doll lovers decide to become influencers. But contrary to popular belief, their reasons are not money or fame.

It’s not just social media posts

Most people don’t understand why a grown man would want to live with a synthetic woman rather than a real one. This is exactly what sex doll influencers want to show the world. Their goal is to give their artificial partners personality and depth, to show the community how they see them. They are not motivated by money. They just want people to see sex dolls the way they see ordinary people.

To clarify, becoming a doll influencer is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and skill. Remember, the goal is to make the sex doll look as close to a real woman as possible. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the doll’s expressions and synthetic skin do not look too artificial in photographs. The more common sex dolls nowadays are still silicone love dolls and tpe love dolls.

Because of this, shoots often take several hours as the doll owners must change poses, outfits, expressions, locations, wigs, etc. And, they have to do everything themselves. After all, their models don’t help much.

But, of course, photographs are not the only way to make a doll look real. Each account is a mix of creative photos, in-person social media posts and deeply faked videos. Using all of these techniques, sex doll influencers create something special. They don’t care if a lot of people think it’s weird. They do what they love to do and it’s awesome.

Making money with sex dolls

Although their main goal is not money, many influencers have monetised their dolls’ Instagram accounts. Sure, they’re no match for the social media giants, but they can still earn some significant income from their content. Writer Jessica Lucas writes about this in her article for Input magazine.

She mentions two sex doll photographers contacted by Chinese sex doll company Doll-Forever who wanted to use their work to promote their brand online. In addition to promoting doll makers, netizens can also make money through clothing brand ambassadors.

Lucas gives the example of Tasha. With almost 2,000 Instagram followers, Tasha has participated in many exhibitions and collaborated with several artists. She is an ambassador for smaller clothing brands such as Tara’s Tyres or InFoxycated Clothing, but that’s not all: Tasha is also a journalist and interviewer for the famous magazine CoverDoll (the Playboy of the sex doll industry).

Of course, she doesn’t do all of this alone. She has a human master, Tony, who believes he should be compensated for all the hard work he puts in for Tasha. However, as he claimed in his interview with Lucas, “Tasha is an independent synthetic who will speak for herself – I don’t speak for her.”

This is because most members of the community do not post content from their point of view. They use the doll’s point of view to provide a more intimate and emotional experience. In this industry, the dolls are the stars, not their owners.

The community

By now, you have probably seen how committed the sex doll community is to its goals. Unfortunately, it has taken some time for people to see dolls as non-sexual objects. In fact, many influential people have abused their fair share online. Social media users find them creepy and demand that they delete their accounts.

All of this has isolated the community from the world and will remain so until society’s opinions change. On the other hand, there are also many horny followers who seem to forget that they are dealing with dolls. To cut a long story short, there are a few things that do not allow the community to flourish.

However, there is another, more positive side to the story. Behind the scenes, this community of sex doll lovers is one of the most supportive and gracious groups of people you can think of. Influential people complement each other’s work, give pointers and make friends. There’s no competition, mainly because they can’t afford it. In a group with such a niche, the last thing they need is an internal struggle.

The future is now

Although sex dolls are still considered bizarre, a group of devoted enthusiasts are doing their best to change people’s perceptions on the matter. Using their creativity and skills, they are doing all they can to present sex dolls in a more humane way. While they still have a long way to go to achieve their goal, the creation of the doll Instagram influencers is a big step towards their ultimate success.

A few years ago, no one would have even suspected that sex dolls could have their own social media accounts; plus, they would have a loyal following and become brand ambassadors! But that’s the beauty of it. The world is evolving, and our society is evolving with it. Of course, there will always be prejudice against sex doll lovers. Nevertheless, they will continue to spread their positive attitude all over the world.

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