How can single women solve their physical needs? female

If you look closely at your surroundings, you will find that there are more and more single women, and the lifestyle of single women is different from that of married women, such as solving physical needs. Physiological needs are a normal physiological state, and women also have physical needs, so how can single women solve their physical needs?

1. Masturbation

Masturbation is always an indispensable part of a single woman’s sex life. From a safety perspective, masturbation is undoubtedly the highest, with a height that cannot be matched by any other method. Due to the addition of more sexual fantasies, the spiritual level is as high as possible, but there is no communication with the sexual partner at all. People can’t live without communication, let alone sex.

2. Regular sexual partners

Finding a regular sex partner is currently the most suitable sex life pattern for single women, so this more intimate sex life pattern quickly became popular, but the safety index is not as high as expected, for example, during phone sex , The other party makes a malicious recording; or is secretly recorded by the other party during video sex and spread to the Internet, then you will become famous overnight.

3. Sexual products

For people who do not have a sexual partner, it is normal to buy and use sex products to masturbate. Appropriate use of some masturbation methods to solve the desire for sex can relieve mental stress. However, the doctor reminded that sex products must be soft, smooth, and disinfected regularly to ensure hygiene. It is particularly worth noting that, do not choose those weird sex products for the pursuit of excitement and pleasure, otherwise after remarrying, the husband will not be able to meet his own requirements. There are more and more sex toys, especially since the epidemic, the sales of physical dollshave been dozens of times higher than usual. Many women will also buymale dollsto solve their physiological needs, but we must pay attention to them and promptly after use. Clean up, there is a male doll below you can take a look.

170cm Newest Silicone Men Sex Doll with Huge Penis lovedollshop Pikachu

Pikachu. He has a stalwart figure, a bronze complexion, well-defined and deep facial features, like a Greek sculpture, and his dark and deep ice eyes appear wild and unrestrained, evil and sexy. His three-dimensional facial features are as handsome as a knife, and the whole person emits a kind of majestic king air. As long as he blinks, the ladies present will be fascinated by him.


Material: TPE with metal skeleton

Breast: 85cm

Waist: 73cm

Hip: 89cm

Cross Shoulder: 44cm

Palm length: 14cm

Foot length: 22cm

Penis length: 18cm

Net Weight: 45kg

Gross Weight: 48kg

Package size: 157*38*24cm

170cm Newest Silicone Men Sex Doll with Huge Penis lovedollshop Pikachu

Single women should pay attention to these issues to solve their physiological needs

1. Acknowledge your own sexual requirements, but not promiscuity, find a man who knows and loves each other, and entertain each other.

2. Safety is the most important thing. Unless you are going to get pregnant, you should always bring “safe” equipment and take good care of your body to be a good woman.

3. When choosing a partner, a man with a family should be a minefield not to get involved, not to hurt other people’s families, and not to base their happiness on others’ pain.

4. Don’t simply judge people on the basis of “sex.” Regardless of the reason for being single, emotionally based sexual relationships are psychologically and physically satisfying for women to the greatest extent.

5. Respect each other’s sexual feelings: Don’t underestimate his sexual ability, express care and affection in the best way, share sexual experience, keep the sexual secrets between the two, and never expose each other’s scars.

6. Necessary fortification. If you are not the one you like, don’t have dinner alone with him. If you are not going to have sex with him, don’t agree to go to his residence and sit down. A woman always has the right to say no, but she should listen to her refusal. .

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