How about Qita doll brand

Speaking of physical dolls, I believe everyone will know Qita dolls, so how good is she? I will give you a detailed introduction below

Qita brand (QITA) was born in 2017. The brand naming originated from the concept of a new type of companion model, “The Novel She”. It is one of the earliest entity doll brand enterprises that put forward the concept of “accompaniment” in China. Qi She gives the entity doll a new soul and meaning. The user is immersed in the fantasy of love, the sex experience is optimized, and the unique live film technology is used to imitate the real structure of the human body one-to-one, giving consumers the most realistic use and viewing experience .

In Qi She’s eyes, the doll is not just a single consumable for people to vent, but a new type of companion with a strong personal style, given a new life, and a companion function. The brand values the true experience of every buyer, and strives to let buyers experience physical joy while also satisfying their souls and comforting their hearts. Qi She uses a unique polymer material formula, which has been patented in Korea, and the sanitary level is up to medical.

Qi and her design team selected research talents from the sculpture department of top universities, with a clear division of labor and each performing its own duties. The company has a top makeup team, a top sculpture modeling team, and a top image consultant. The team regularly goes abroad for styling training, which can quickly adapt to the ever-changing aesthetic trends and keep abreast of the ever-changing customer needs.

Qi her products are favored by film and television companies. So far, she has provided hundreds of props for many film and television companies for their use. Some of the products serve as showcases for individual businesses to promote and promote the advantages of clothing, beauty and other industries to consumers. In 2020, the adult experience center has become a commercial boom. Qi She followed the trend and became one of the first product suppliers.

Its Korean subsidiary dalkom provided props for the FC Seoul team in April 2020, which aroused widespread global heated discussions around the world. Today, as the independent business department of Shenyang Yizhong Fengcai Advertising Co., Ltd., QITA has a sales network and cooperative buyers all over the world, and has branches and factories in Korea to manage sales in Asia. , Production business, Qi She gradually developed from a single entity doll industry fission into a comprehensive and diverse supplier of professional sex toys.

Brand Concept

Be in awe of the market and be grateful to buyers. Never compromise on quality, aiming to provide the most perfect solution for all potential buyers.

Brand slogan

To create the best adult product brand in China.

Company Profile

Qi She is affiliated to Shenyang Yizhong Fengcai Advertising Co., Ltd.

Shenyang Yizhong Fengcai Advertising Co., Ltd. is a professional media public relations company. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has served large multinational companies such as tonymoly, AEON Japan, nvdia, etc., and has planned and executed many large-scale national landing publicity activities, professional and efficient The team and market operations are well received in the industry. Shenyang Yizhong Fengcai Advertising Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with efficient advertising and brand promotion with the least cost.

Brand History

In 2017, he was invited to participate in the Hong Kong Asian International Adult Exhibition and completed the first show in the Qi She market

In 2020, due to the Korean branch dalkom being the fc Seoul team, it has caused widespread media coverage and heated discussions around the world.

In 2020, the most popular doll brand in the online voting of the 22nd Guangzhou International Adult Exhibition will be among the top

Won the gold medal in the expert review of the 22nd Guangzhou International Adult Exhibition

Product category

Real hip model, physical girl, physical boy, airplane cup, erotic bust, collectible figure, etc. Among them, their most popular products arecheap mini sex dolland bust doll. Let’s take a look at their products together

Qita Doll 145cm Anime Sex doll- Seven

Seven likes to be different. She wants to be different from others, so she wants to stand out from others. She wants to get your attention in an instant. In the crowd, she fell in love with you at a glance, in the bustling street, you are her only light. She looks at you like her future husband. She began to imagine and your future beautiful life. Can you see her strong love for you from her eyes?

Qita 168cm bondage doll Annya

Anny,she is a pure-looking girl. But she is coquettish in her bones. Her eyes are as transparent as amber, shining with a moving sheen. She always kept the girl’s innocence and liveliness.

QITA 180cm Strong charm male sex doll Charles

Charles is a very sexy sex doll. His body is like a male god in a Greek sculpture. His body ratio is the best, you can see that every part of his body seems to be carefully sculpted. He is simply the most ideal person in your mind. His height is very high, absolutely matching your ideal boyfriend’s height. He will bring you more passion and desire. If you want a sexy male sex doll, choose him!

QITA 180cm Strong charm male sex doll Charles

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