Harley Quinn Sex Doll – Margot Robbie Sex Doll For Sale

When it comes to celebrity sex dolls or dolls based on characters from movies who would not want to buy a Harley Quinn sex doll? What is truly awesome if you buy a Harley Quinn sex doll is the simple fact you will also buy a Margot Robbie sex doll. How could anyone not love the idea of owning those celebrity sex dolls?

Harley Quinn Sex Doll

Buy Harley Quinn Sex Doll - Buy Margot Robbie Sex Doll - Celebrity Sex Doll For Sale

Any Harley Quinn sex doll or Margot Robbie sex doll available will unlikely be officially licensed. In fact it is very unlikely you will find a Harley Quinn sex doll or a Margot Robbie sex doll that is even marketed as such.

However, there are celebrity sex dolls available that most certainly resemble Harley Quinn and Margot Robbie. One such Harley Quinn sex doll lookalike has been designed and manufactured by Qita Doll.

High Quality TPE

Rather than using silicone for skin this Margot Robbie celebrity sex doll uses thermoplastic elastomers. This is better known as TPE for short. TPE has many of the same benefits of silicone with various advantages. A TPE sex doll looks and feels just as lifelike as silicone doll. The main advantage is TPE is a much cheaper material than silicone. It is also somewhat easier to work with. This means if you buy a TPE sex doll you will pay much less than if you buy a silicone sex doll.

Steel Skeleton

This celebrity sex doll uses a skeleton manufactured from lightweight high quality steel. The skeleton features movable joints located in all the same places as a real human skeleton. These movable joints allow the doll to look extremely lifelike. She can be positioned in any natural pose a real human could achieve. What is truly great about this is not simply down to positioning the doll in poses. It means you can actually have sex with her in any position you choose. She will quite literally do anything you have your heart set on.

Movie Accurate Hair and Makeup

Buy Harley Quinn Sex Doll - Buy Margot Robbie Sex Doll - Celebrity Sex Doll For Sale

The simple truth is you could take pretty much any sex doll and make it look like this character. This would be done simply by making sure the hair and makeup is as accurate to what Margot Robbie has in the movies.

With this particular sex doll the hair is blonde just like Margot Robbie. It is then styled into pigtails with red and blue tips. The makeup on this sex doll is also fairly movie accurate. There is a whitening of the face along with the special attention that has been given to the eye makeup.


The measurements of this celebrity sex doll are what makes it so lifelike and realistic. This doll stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. This is very close to the same height of Margot Robbie. She weighs 88 lbs which is probably the ideal weight for a sex doll. This is heavy enough that it feels just like a real woman when she is use. It is also light enough so you can move her around with relative ease.

This Harley Quinn sex doll looks as if her breasts are approximately B-Cups or C-Cups. The bust on this Margot Robbie sex doll measures 32 inches while the waist measures 21 inches and the hips measure 35 inches. These measurements give her a highly feminine and well toned figure.

All Forms of Sex

The truly great thing about this Harley Quinn sex doll is that she can offer her owner all forms of sex. This means you can have vaginal and anal sex with her. She can even give you a blowjob. The fact this Margot Robbie sex doll can is fully positionable means you can actually have sex with her in any position. Unlike a real woman this sex doll will never turn you down and will be happy to try anything.

Her vagina and anus measure 6.7 inches deep while her mouth measures 5.1 inches in depth.


So, there you have it. If you are wanting to buy a Harley Quinn sex doll or a Margot Robbie sex doll then this is the celebrity sex doll for you.

Buy Harley Quinn Sex Doll - Buy Margot Robbie Sex Doll - Celebrity Sex Doll For Sale

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