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September was a month! A month partially obscured by the fog of depression, but still a month.

Buster and I have been playing so much Pokemon Go now that I considered giving it its own section in this round-up, but for now it’ll remain a bullet point. I turned 29 in September, and decided I wanted to spend that weekend circling my favorite Pokestop route around a local park since Colette wasn’t playing at any of our theaters and my insomnia has me too exhausted to do anything more substantial.

[Description: Buster (a fat, white nonbinary person) wearing fishnet stockings, a black bodysuit, and a fabric collar. They’re laying on a bed with the blue-dyed hair from their overgrown sideshave sprawled on the blanket.]

We bought some cheap lingerie earlier this year, and Buster spoiled me by putting some on and letting me pump their clit and spit in their mouth before forcing them to orgasm with our Magic Wand Rechargeable. Happy fucking Birthday to me!

Out of the Toy Chest

❤ For my birthday, we picked up several things from SheVibe: Spartacus Broad Nipple Clamps, Tom of Finland Locking Chain Cuffs, Temptasia Clit & Nipple Pump, and some Sliquid Sassy. Later in the month, we grabbed a few more from Peepshow Toys: Naughty Heart Candy Plug, Heart Impact Paddle, XOXO Paddle, and a bonus Tiny Bouchon Plug. Not bad for a $110 total budget.

❤ Holy fuck, I’m pretty sure the Temptasia Clit & Nipple Pump is our new favorite sex toy. It’s been useless for nipples (so far, but we’re still experimenting with it!) but pumping Buster’s clit has been an Experience. The pumping itself is intensely pleasurable, and having the deliciously exploitable combo of easier access and heightened sensitivity in the aftermath… mmm.

❤ Peepshow Toys sent me the Addiction Ben and Sensuelle Baelii for review. Ben is a fun, somewhat squishy dildo that serves as a cheap dupe for a Bad Dragon toy. Folks have some strong feelings about the obvious concept theft, but since this is a financially accessible fantasy toy, I’m biased and thus feel neutral on that front. (Sorry, y’all.) The Baelii is proving to be a very perplexing toy… I’m definitely not a fan of it so far. But that’s why I take my time with reviews.

[Description: A promo photo of a black dildo with prominent, semi-realistic balls and a curved shaft with a series of thick, alien layers/plates. Image from Peepshow Toys.]

❤ September was our first full month with the Traveler and Couples models that Satisfyer sent us. I’m really in love with the Traveler, and used it a lot in September despite earlier protestations that I’m too loud with it; with practice, I’ve gotten less audibly reactive. Go me!

Into the Bedroom

❤ Before the Supreme Harness tore beyond use (read my thrice-rewritten review here), I had Buster lay down with their wrists cuffed to their collar and the Satisfyer Couples situated for hands-free stimulation (since Buster’s one of the lucky few whose body is perfect for that.) With their head hanging off the end of the bed, I forced them to deepthroat the Vixskin Mustang – my favorite dildo for vigorous blowjobs since its soft head and less imposing girth make it a little less jarring – upside-down while I smacked and kneaded their tits. Probably the hottest sex I’ve had this year, because I’m a bully of a dom who loves the sound of gagging.

❤ I tried wearing the Naughty Candy Heart Plug while bottoming, which was the biggest plug I’ve ever taken because I’m timid about any and all kinds of penetration. Buster didn’t like the width-to-base ratio and kept checking on the plug while we were having sex, which turned out to be a good instinct to follow because when I orgasmed my ass started drawing it completely in. The base wasn’t flared enough to function as a proper deterrent. Buster was able to grab it before things got awkward, but we were both pretty upset about it.

Some Reordered Priorities

❤ Self-care in September was literally just canceling plans, buying fast food instead of paying down our credit card, and trying to remember that we’re not failures if we just take shit easy and try to make it til tomorrow. I wrote a whole post about prioritizing survival, but the hardest lessons are learned over and over.

The Pleasant Distractions

❤ Due to money issues and some mental health stuff, we skipped Halloween Horror Nights for the first time this year. Luckily our favorite local vloggers – the Trackers, a married couple who frequent all the Florida parks – were able to film inside the haunted houses this year so we’ve been enjoying it through their lens. I’ve been watching their daily vlogs for years; their thoroughly documented experiences provide great insight into local events/attractions I’m unsure of, which is invaluable to me as an anxious autistic. Watch them face Stranger Things’ Demogorgon!

[Description: A couple walking through a haunted house. The woman in the front is adjusting her hair when she sees something scary off-screen and shrieks. A “Halloween Horror Nights” logo is in the bottom corner. Source video.]

❤ In mid-September, Buster and I visited a nearby sex toy shop for the first time to attend a Ducky DooLittle presentation. We met the artist behind Uberrime, learned more about the g-spot, and couldn’t turn off a vigorously vibrating tester toy! You can read about my experience here.

❤ We ran into a group of randomly congregated Pokemon Go players at a graveyard that we (respectfully) frequent when playing, just as a Mewto raid was about to begin. We ended up doing two raids back to back with our happenstance companions. Both fights were tricky, but it was fun to play with several other stressed out, breathlessly mumbling strangers all standing around aggressively tapping phone screens. I got lucky with the second raid, finally catching a Mewto of my own!

Behind the (Sex Blogging) Scenes

❤ I published ten posts, the bulk of which had been partially finished for awhile and just needed editing (or, in the case of my Supreme Harness review, several full rewrites.) I’m on track to meet that same output this month, so I’m pretty cheesed with myself. If you have some time to kill, feel free to browse last month’s posts!

[Description: Frank’s Monster laying on its side, the plasma orb crackling with electricity behind it.]

❤ Buster was just short of solely responsible for the excellent pictures in my Frank’s Monster review (because I’m the fool actually pressing the button.) They picked out all the Halloween decorations and arranged them for the background, and then after I became frustrated with the photography lighting making the set-up appear too cheery/sterilized, Buster suggested I just… turn off the lights. The results were great and I could not have done Frank’s Monster justice without them!

Here’s to hoping for an even better October. ✌

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