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15 Sex Positions To Try On Your Tantra Chair

Are you satisfied with your sex life? In 2017, a study revealed that more than ⅔ of adults were unhappy with their sexual relationships (1). If you’re one of the 65%, you might be looking for a way to spice up the bedroom and finally get the sexual pleasure you’ve been searching for.

A Kamasutra couch, also known as a Kamasutra sofa or tantra chair, is designed to support you and your partner during sex.

Because the curves of the chair mimic the natural curves of the human body, you’ll be able to try out new tantric sex positions with ease – and you might even have an orgasm or two.

Tantra Chair Position Guide For Couples

Ready for more varied, sensual sex? Here’s your tantra chair guide.


Face-to-face sex is one of the most intimate tantra chair positions.

The receiving partner reclines on the chair, while the penetrating partner straddles the seat. The receiver wraps their legs around their partner, pulling them closer.

Rocking Horse

The receiving partner sits on top of the penetrating partner, who is leaning on the chair for support.

The receiving partner then rocks back and forth in a grinding motion while using their thighs to grip their partner’s body.

Rocking horse toyRocking horse toy

Reverse Cowgirl

A classic tantra chair position, reverse cowgirl involves the receiving partner sitting on top of the penetrating partner while facing away from them.

Whoever is on top has control over the speed, intensity, and depth of penetration.

Edge Of Heaven

The penetrating partner sits at the edge of the chair, feet firmly on the floor.

The receiving partner sits on top, facing their partner, using the chair to support their legs.

Either partner can take the lead, and this makes for great g-spot and clitoral stimulation.

Edge of heaven tantra chair positionsEdge of heaven tantra chair positions

Heir To The Throne

This is one of the best yoga chair sex positions for oral, but it does require some flexibility.

The receiving partner drapes over the edge of the chair, legs dangling in the air. The active partner kneels in front of them, between the legs, for easier access. This reminds of a softer version queening stool sex.

Seated Wheelbarrow

The penetrating partner sits on the chair, while the receiving partner straddles their hips, facing away from them.

Then, the receiving partner should lean forward and place their hands on the floor in a wheelbarrow-like position.

This is one of the few tantra chair sex positions where you can stimulate your partner vaginally, anally, and clitorally at the same time.

On Top

The penetrating partner sits down on the chair, legs outstretched.

The receiving partner straddles them, leaning back for support – this is a great visual that your partner will enjoy, too.

This also leaves a lot of room for clitoral stimulation, leading to faster and stronger orgasms.

Women on top tantra chair positionsWomen on top tantra chair positions

The Hot Seat

The penetrating partner sits at the edge of the bed (see the best beds and pillows in Tantra) while the receiving partner sits on top, facing in the same direction as their partner.

The receiving partner then uses their feet and arms to support them as they bounce up and down. The other partner can use their hands to stimulate the breasts, clit, or other parts of the body.

The Butterfly

Most Kamasutra chair positions seem intimidating, but this one is a lot easier than it looks.

The receiving partner lies down on the chair, with their legs higher than their head.

The penetrating partner stands in front of the chair, supporting their partner’s legs or, for deeper penetration, hips.

Crouching Tiger

This from-behind-position puts the penetrating partner in control.

The receiving partner is draped over the edge of the chair while the penetrating partner takes them from behind.

The penetrating partner can then control the depth by pulling or pushing on their partner’s thighs.

Tiger on the treeTiger on the tree

Magic Mountain

The Magic Mountain is very similar to scissoring, but it’s not just for girl-on-girl action – heterosexual and male homosexual couples can adopt this position!

Both partners lie on the chair for support, then move closer until they are touching.

You can also use your hands or a tantric sex toys to up the sensations.

The Snake

The receiving partner lies stomach down on the chair, legs almost closed and hips raised.

The penetrating partner enters from behind.

This position feels amazing regardless of your partner’s size.


The penetrating partner reclines on the chair. The receiving partner reclines on top of them, facing in the same direction.

The receiving partner can control the movements, pace, and intensity of the thrusts, which makes it a great choice for women who want to experience deeper penetration for the first time.

The Split

This move isn’t for everyone, but if you’re flexible, it’s worth a try.

The penetrating partner sits or lies down on the chair. The receiving partner then does a split over their partner, using the back of the chair to support their leg.


Of course, a tantric chair isn’t just for coupled sex. You can enjoy it all on your own too!

Plus, the chair is angled for a full, unobstructed view – perfect for giving your partner a show or even mutual masturbation.

Kamasutra/Tantra Chair Benefits

  • A tantra chair allows you to try out different positions that normally wouldn’t be comfortable on a bed, including positions from the sacred Kamasutra.

  • Tantra chairs have great support, which makes them a good choice for people with chronic pain or back problems.

  • Incorporating a tantra chair into your sex life can encourage more adventurous encounters. Many people also feel sexier when using the chair because of the naturally-flattering angles it puts you in.

Tantric Chair Design

Tantric sex chairs come in an S-shaped design with two arcs. Because of its unique shape and interesting angles, you can try hundreds of different positions while minimizing pain and maximizing your enjoyment.

Most are made with an easy-to-clean fabric like leather, but some are made with removable soft covers for that extra smooth sensation.


Open up to a world of new sexual possibilities with your very own tantric chair. Check out our selection of tantric sex chairs to find the right one for you!

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