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We love a good myth-hunting session here at LTS, it makes us feel like Van Helsing, and where better to start myth-hunting than with female enhancement pills. These pills are a bit like vampires, living in the nether-world, where myths abound and facts are as rare as tits on a fish. Watch out myths – we have our vial of holy lube and silver vibrator to slay you with.

Myth? Only Menopausal Women Need Female Enhancement Pills

Menopausal-age women may find female enhancement pills of use, especially when hormone levels begin to drop. Pills such as Provestra claim to boost estrogen and enhance vaginal lubrication, two of the main symptoms of menopause.

However, it’s not only menopausal women who have problems with their libido.

Women from all walks of life can suffer from a decreasing sex drive. Take the woman who works really hard, has a busy job, demanding family and all the stresses of life. She doesn’t feel like sex any more. Her libido has fallen faster than the coffin of a fat man turned to stone.

This type of woman might benefit from the boost of herbs and vitamins in female enhancement pills, even if menopause is years into the future.The ginger, ginseng and L-Arginine type ingredients may boost her blood circulation and make her feel like getting jiggy again. Doesn’t matter what age she is.

Myth? Female Enhancement Pills Are Just Expensive Wee

It’s true that a great deal of what we ingest is ‘expelled,’ as your science teacher would have eloquently put it, but we know that what we put into our bodies is used. We wouldn’t be alive if nutrients weren’t extracted from our diets, and if you’ve ever taken antibiotics, you’ll know they work.The body keeps small amounts of nutrients for its use, and flings the rest away like a barmaid who’s won the lottery.

So, the body will keep what it needs from female enhancement pills. Whether these have any libido-boosting effect is a different question!

Myth? My Sex Life Is Just Fine, I Don’t Need Female Enhancement Pills

It’s fine? Is that all you have to say? What about ‘mind-blowing’, ‘We’re at it like rabbits’, ‘My partner is an animal and a gentleman in the bedroom – I literally rip my knickers off with my own teeth’ instead?

Fine is not good enough. Your sex life can always be better. Female enhancement pills like Provestra may boost your desire for sex, and lubes like HerSolution Gel may cause a tingling like you’ve just peed on an electric fence.

Showing him what you really want can change your life, doing it with the lights on, swapping to the kitchen, or oral sex in the middle of a forest during a snowstorm – you won’t know what is great until you try.

Fine? Honestly! We are shaking our head. Check out the rest of this site for ways to make your sex life better than ‘just fine’.

Myth? All Female Enhancement Pills Are The Same

Most female enhancement pills contain the same kind of ingredients, such as black cohosh, ginger, L-Arginine, raspberry leaf, the list is endless. The difference comes in the quantity and quality of the ingredients. Check out the ingredients list, and go for something natural, botanical and organic. They may cost more, but they may be better for you. Read up on the websites for money-back guarantees and testimonials.

Myth? You Can’t Use Female Enhancement Pills And Gels Together

You can. Don’t worry about an overdose if you work the two together. In fact, they can complement each other. A stimulating lubricant like Vigorelle gives you immediate relief from a dry vagina, and may kick-start the clitoral tingles with its special blend.

Pills like Provestra work gradually, building up in your body, and potentially improving your sex drive from the inside. They also claim to work on vaginal lubrication too. Use them together, and you might get the best of both worlds.

Myth? Female Enhancement Pills Stop You Getting Pregnant

There are many out there on the market, so always check, but Provestra claim their ingredients are all natural and won’t stop you getting pregnant. If you ARE pregnant, you should not be using female enhancement pills or any medication unless your doctor says so.Sorry to sound like your mum, but it’s important.

Just a thought here – if female enhancement pills boost your libido, then they may even help get you pregnant because the odds are better.

Myth? Female Enhancement Pills Are Embarrassing

Well, that’s down to your perception of course, but we think that the taboo is lifting. They are appearing on TV programs, and female enjoyment of sex is constantly in magazines. ‘Ten best lubes for women’ the glossy mags scream (don’t bother with theirs, read ours for free). These magazines aren’t on the top shelf either, they eyeball you from mid-height.They aren’t embarrassed, and neither should you be.

Positive steps toward improving your sex life, instead of becoming bored, miserable, and sore, should be commended. Give yourself a congratulatory handshake. Still, if you want to keep it quiet, Provestra is delivered discreetly in plain wrapping, and even the box looks like a migraine solution.

Female enhancement pills are easy to find, but you must research to find the best one for you. If you want to test them out, don’t be shy. Myths around libido-boosting pills are numerous, but don’t dismiss them and spend the rest of your sexual life wondering if you missed out. They might help you, and if they don’t – at least you tried.

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