Exactly how discreet can buying sex toys be? – Sexdollformen Real Sex dolls Sex toys

Probably the last thing you want to happen is your colleague spotting you stepping into a adult sex toy shop in Singapore. No matter what kind of reasons you can think of, she would probably pass it off as an excuse. Shopping for sex toys online in Singapore is probably the best solution for this. You pay less as there’s no shop rental to talk about. There’s also no risk of awkward situation arising from bumping into someone you know. There’s no worry about buying toys from unnamed shops because online shops like us are registered businesses in Singapore (Our registration number is at the bottom of the site), and one can easily report any malpractices to the appropriate authorities.  Okay, but exactly how discreet can my shopping with Sexdollformen®?

Credit card

It would be traumatising if your wife or your mum sees ONLINE SEX TOYS SHOP on your credit card/ debit card bill. Hence, we have made special arrangements for you. The only words you see tagged to the amount you pay is “Paypal *CA”, nothing else.


Sexdollformen uses 2 X layers of tamper proof opaque courier bags for maximum security and discreetness. We simply do not taking any chance, period. Being discreet is our business, this method has been tested proven personally by us. It can storm all weathers and still remain 100% discreet as it arrives at your place.

Guest Account VS Real name

If you are worried about revealing your personal information online, our system allows you to create a one- time purchase guest account if you may wish. You can even choose not to reveal your address if you would like to personally collect at TaQBin branch.

Meet up

Some of you might prefer the cash on delivery service. Even the process is absolutely discreet. We schedule a time and place to meet via email or SMS. When the time comes, we will send a trusted employee to meet up with you, transact, exchange, farewell. Simple as that.