There may be no sex, but there will be sex robots

If an AI robot could be moulded into the ideal lover. Would you be willing to develop a soul mate with him/her? Recently, it was reported by BI (Business Insider) news that Sales of Hamony, the world’s first AI sex robot, have surged since the New Crown epidemic! According to her founder Matt McMullen, Hamony … Read more

You’re not the only one with a hand fetish!

What is a hand fetish A hand fetish is a sexual attraction to the hands. Both men and women can have a hand fetish. A hand fetish may include sexual attraction to specific areas such as the fingers, palms, back of the hand and/or nails, or to specific actions performed by the hand. This fetish … Read more

Top 10 benefits of choosing to buy physical dolls.

1 , very save money. Looking for a girlfriend is a running investment, the uncertainty, regularity and continuity of the investment amount is destined to be much more expensive than buying a physical doll, buy a physical doll. Only a one-time investment is required. And now the physical sex dolls they have a variety of … Read more

Is it good to have more sex?

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. The most pleasurable thing is to overdo it and you will get tired, and so is sex. The same is true for sex. A moderate sex life can be mentally and physically satisfying for both men and women, and is good for physical and mental health. … Read more

What black sex dolls to buy for the upcoming Christmas?

Christmas is almost here. What gifts have you got for yourself? As the shadow of covid-19 is still hunting us, a blockade can be imposed at any time. Maybe you should consider getting a sex dollso you don’t feel lonely and bored at home. It’s going to be cold this winter. Treat yourself to a … Read more

How to get free realistic sex dolls online?

Are you intrigued by the idea of having a quality sex doll for the first time? However, you’re new to the world of sex dollsand you’re not ready to invest a lot of money in something completely new. Maybe you want to add another TPE/silicone sex dollto your collection, but you don’t have the funds … Read more

Is it safe to buy sex dolls on Amazon

As a real user of sex dolls and a participant in thesex dollindustry, it is my duty to submit some suggestions for new buyers to make their first purchase of their beloved adult sex dolls. They are as follows. 1. The e-commerce platforms, especially Amazon, are not price friendly. Amazon charges 10%+ commission and a … Read more

Should I buy a silicone sex doll?

I’m sure we’re all no strangers tosex dollsnow, especially silicone dolls and tpe sex dolls these days, it’s fair to say that silicone dolls are now at a point where they’re already very realistic, if you want to go further it’s probably going to take a few years, if you want to buy a silicone … Read more