Masculinity & The Problem With Being Desired | Sex Doll For Men Love Dolls

“I’d like to appear more… sexual,” he wrote, “but I don’t want to appear… well… gay.” In the middle of a secret kinky polyamorous Facebook group, a new member was addressing the absolute lack of seductive clothing for men and was frustrated at how few examples of healthy masculine sensuality there were. He continued, “I’d … Read more

The Reason Why So Many People Are Attracted To Fauxcest Porn | Sex Doll For Men Love Dolls

Incest porn, also referred to as fauxcest is a category of pornography that has recently been increasing immensely in popularity over the years. Of course, having an incest fetish is not a topic of discussion that most people feel comfortable sharing over a casual cup of tea. But it is undoubtedly one of the most culturally taboo … Read more

Exploring fantasies via Sexting: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly | Sex Doll For Men Love Dolls

When did sexting become a thing? Officially, the word sexting (sex + texting) was actually added to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary in 2012 however, it was first published years before then. In 2005, the word ‘sexting’ was published for the first time in the Australian Sunday Telegraph Magazine. The first text message was sent in … Read more

Not All Gays Are Welcome: Where Can We Go & What It Could Be | Sex Doll For Men Love Dolls

When I first moved to Mile End, at the northwest edge of Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood, gentrification was already well underway, but pockets of resistance (and affordable housing) remained. Grungy queer venues like Cabaret Playhouse and the Royal Phoenix (god I miss their fries) and a population that seemed to be at least 60% beautifully dissipated … Read more

Understanding Chemsex: Risks, Prevention & Staying Safe | Sex Doll For Men Love Dolls

Chemsex, also referred to as Party and Play (PnP) is the practice of high-risk sexual activities while under the influence of certain recreational drugs. This practice has become a dangerous subculture in recent years and is rapidly growing in popularity around the world, especially in Europe. To some, this oversimplified definition of chemsex may sound … Read more