Tabu Sex Glossary – What's your sex I.Q?

TABU SEX GLOSSARY Most people love talking about sex but conversations about intimacy aren’t always so easy. This A-Z list of Sex Toys, Gender Terms, Slang, BDSM, Poly and Kink Definitions will help you navigate the minefield of current sex terminology. ABC Sex: Traditional sex for Normies. Abundant Love: A poly concept that a person … Read more

Bottom's Up: Brenna and Brian Review our Top Anal Toys!

“In addition to the stigma associated with seeking rump pleasure, there is the myth that anal sex is—nay—must be painful. While dipping one’s toes (or fingers, penis, or sex toy) into the anal waters can involve momentary discomfort, pain should not be a prerequisite for experiencing the joys of anal sex. In fact, our bodies … Read more

Lube News: Divine 9 Helps Prevent HPV!

Can a lubricant actually prevent HPV? Promising new research from the National Cancer Institute suggests it can.   Breaking Lube News: This is BIG.   Our Divine 9 Personal Lubricant goes above and beyond simple lubrication – It may also be a brand-new weapon in HPV prevention. Why? Carrageenan. This extract from red seaweed not … Read more