Beware of Fake Tenga Products – Sexdollformen Real Sex dolls Sex toys

Tenga eggs are known as some of the most affordable and disposable male masturbators on the planet. However, you have to be careful when you’re shopping because you might just get a knock-off. In the world of sex toys, it’s not unheard of for less-than-honest companies to try to make a quick buck off of a successful product or toy line, but it certainly affects customer satisfaction.

Tenga eggs and cups are manufactured in Japan. Real Tenga masturbators are penis sleeves that come in fun egg shapes. You can purchase them separately or in a “carton” of 6 from a variety of retailers. Unfortunately, fakes may not be easy to tell just from look alone because fakes have become so similar to the real thing. If you read Japanese, you may be able to distinguish some fake characters on the package, but not everyone reads Japanese.

Some of the low-quality knock-off Tengas have obviously spelling errors in English. For instance, you might order the “Wavy” texture but it may be spelled “Wayy” on the package. Furthermore, a texture that differs from the product image or no texture at all is a sure sign of a fake Tenga. One other prominent tell tale sign is when the logo appears as “TE NGA”. 

Many people enjoy Tenga sleeves because they’re made of hypoallergenic silicone; however, fakes are typically made of latex. If you experience an allergy when using your Tenga cup, it’s not the real thing. Discontinue use immediately. However, you can use this to test if you have a known allergy. Use a safe location on your skin such as your hand to test the material. If a reaction occurs, you could be dealing with a fake Tenga! Furthermore, real silicone will not melt or burn when applied to a flame.

Some users also report that knock-off Tenga sleeves are more prone to breakage. Reports state that fakes tend to feel less elastic and more uncomfortable to the touch and that real Tenga stretch more easily and are softer. If all of your Tenga sleeves tear, it’s likely that you’ve purchased a fake, and you should try to get your money back.

To ensure that you’re getting a real Tenga Egg, especially when shopping online, only buy from reputable sex toy retailers!