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Ben Wa BallsBen wa balls are something we have always carried here at Blue Boutique, but it hasn’t been until recently that they have become one of our top-selling items. Thanks to Fifty Shades of Gray, I can barely keep these babies on our shelves! Despite the fact that they’ve read about them or were told by a girlfriend they needed to come get some, I find that many women are still a little confused about these magical little balls and their many uses. Luckily, I am hear to break it down for you and explain while you’ll soon be clamoring for your very own set.

First, there are several kinds of ben wa balls. Most of them are hollow and have a smaller weighted ball that moves around inside them. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. Metal balls usually come in 1/2” and 3/4” versions, but I have seen even larger. Some balls are coated in a softer material, such as silicone and are often connected with a removal cord. These are generally called duotone balls. We carry a version of these made by Fun Factory called Smartballs that are incredible. The heavier, smoother and smaller the ball, the harder they are to hold in, so I would recommend a larger or duotone ball for a beginner. We also carry a set of interchangeable balls made by Lelo that I love. It comes with four different balls total and a connector piece so you can use two balls at once. Because they are weighted differently, you can mix and match the balls as your train your muscles. They come in two separate sizes, so they are perfect for any woman.

The most common reason women request ben wa balls is to strengthen their pelvic, or kegal, muscles. These are the muscles you use when you pee…and also when you have sex! There are many reasons someone would want to tighten up these muscles: stress incontinence (nobody wants to pee their pants every time they laugh), to strengthen your muscles prior to childbirth (push that thing out!), to regain your vaginal elasticity after childbirth (for you and your husband’s sake) or simply to have better orgasms (for everybody!). For kegal training you simply insert the balls into your vagina and tighten the pelvic muscles to keep them in. You can start with one or two balls and you may need to use a little lube to get them in. The first few times you do it, I would make sure to wear panties and stay at home…nobody wants to go chasing after their ben wa ball down a grocery store isle! Once you get a little stronger, you can try using them when doing more physical activities and even venture outside with them in. With consistent use, you’ll definitely notice what a difference these little balls can make.

But what about the “other” uses of ben wa balls? Well, as the book points out, you can also use ben wa balls for pleasure purposes. When they are inside you and you move around, the small weight in the ball creates a subtle, yet sensual, gyrating feeling. In order to achieve this, you will probably want to lie down or sit in a chair and rock back and forth with your legs pressed together. This will really get things rolling, so to speak. For an even stronger sensation, you could have your partner spank you, or tease your clitoris with a vibrator while wearing them. And yes, last but not least, you can use them during sex. If you want to try this I would suggest using fairly small balls in order to make room for, umm, other things. The collision of the balls during the thrusting of intercourse will actually stimulate both partners at the same time. I don’t think you’ll hear any complaints about that!

So, if your interest about ben wa balls has been piqued (and how could it not be at this point!), come in to any Blue Boutique and let us show you our selection. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see what a big difference in your love life a few small balls can make.

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