At Least I Can Pick Up Sex Dolls Again

To answer your other questions, it is not difficult to remove the TPE sex doll from the skeleton. The bottom of the foot was most damaged because I needed to cut it open to remove standing foot metal, but for the rest of the leg, this was just a progressive cut along the seam. Once I cut the tape at the knee joint, peeled it off and cut the TPE from the drill bit stuck to the metal until it was completely separated, it was simple.

I would open the hips and tie the metal back with a metal zipper to keep her legs soft but still workable. I just sealed it up and used the video on YouTube-using heatgun and metal pieces .. feasible and sure. Thanks for the information you provided, I haven’t realized that there will be tape and TPE / metal bonding to make it so difficult.

However, if my supplier cannot fix the replacement body, I might try to see if it is possible to cut the TPE around the tape / metal without puncturing the surface. Even if it causes external damage, it is better than a completely loose leg. I think in this regard, even a complete amputation of the leg is better than my current situation. I have to make sure that no water comes in from the open stump, but at least I can pick up sex dolls again.

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