Are you surprised with the doll selection at this store?

You must be surprised with all the unique sex dolls you find here at SexDollForMen. You didn’t see these dolls anywhere else, you are thinking why is it? And are the quality good?

We manage to achieve this impressive result from our rich experience in the sex toy and sex doll industry. We have quite a few brands with us. Whether small or big, quality is the issue we take into account. We have a very strict quality control policy to allow only quality sex dolls present at our store. What’s more exciting?  Some of these unique sex dolls are SexDollForMen exclusive items and cannot be found anywhere else.

Typically, sex doll stores have 50 – 80 sex dolls, all of them are from one giant supplier – WM. I’m sure you have heard of WM, the leading producer in the world. They’re the pioneer in producing sex dolls with TPE ( an entirely new material), they’ve successfully brought down the price of quality sex dolls. Back then, a quality sex doll easily costs up to USD6,000. We admit that WM is the leading sex doll brand, their dolls are ultra-realistic at an affordable price. Therefore, to save all other hassles, nearly all stores only sell WM dolls.

But the bad thing is you will see same looking sex dolls everywhere. Besides than a few US, European and Japan made sex dolls, which priced fro, USD 6,000 for a doll, you cannot find anything else. There’s nothing unique you can find in the market.

These are WM sex dolls good at:

  • TPE sex doll
  • Female sex doll
  • big busts sexy slutty dolls

If you are looking for any of the above kinds, no doubt, you should be looking at WM dolls.

However, if you prefer something more unique, like the following

  • Silicone sex doll
  • Fat girls
  • Pure and cute Asian girls
  • Mature female
  • animation characters
  • Mini sex dolls
  • Male dolls

We wouldn’t suggest WM for you. For that reason, we have a few suppliers back us up, offering a wide range of sex dolls. You’ll definitely find something unique that meets your personal preference.

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