7 Movies Every Sex Doll Owner Must Watch in 2022

If you’re a proud sex dolllover and owner, you may be wondering if there are others like you. The truth is, you are not alone.

In fact, there are many people, both men and women, who keep sex dolls in their homes for a variety of reasons. The world of sex dolls has become more prominent in our current world, thus affecting the film industry.

You may be surprised to know, but there are many movies and large audiences that enjoy sex doll movies.

Here’s a list of seven exciting movies for sex doll lovers and owners like you!

She (2013)

Her movie

She is a 2013 movie about a lonely depressed man who later falls in love with Samantha. However, the latter is not a human lover, but an artificially intelligent virtual assistant anthropomorphized in a female voice.

Theodore Twombly starts out as a lonely, depressed man who is also in the process of divorcing his wife, Catherine. To solve his lonely life, Twombly decides to buy an AI virtual assistant.

The two form a bond from their conversations about love, and Twombly eventually falls in love with Samantha, an artificially intelligent virtual assistant.

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Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a 2014 film that centers on a beautiful robot named Ava and Caleb Smith, who wins an office competition at the search engine company where he works. As a result of his win, he is rewarded with a week’s stay in the CEO’s home. The house is very isolated but very luxurious, and Smith was introduced to Ava by the CEO.

The CEO wanted Smith to figure out if Ava was conscious and if she had a mind. To solve this problem, Smith had to spend time with the beautiful robot doll Ava every day.

As a result of their daily interactions, Smith begins to take a romantic interest in Ava and eventually falls in love with her.

Lars and the real girl

If you are a fan of Ryan Gosling and sex dolls, this will be a great movie for you. Gosling plays Lars in this movie, a lonely man who avoids all forms of social interaction. He spends most of his time alone in his home in Wisconsin.

Russ’ behavior is caused by the trauma he experienced in the past. Due to fatal complications, his mother died shortly after giving birth to him. As a result, Lars’ father drove him and his brother, Goss, away.

This is such a sentimental film that shows the state of mind of most people in the world today. Lars then meets a cute robot that eventually allows him to experience love, affection and support. Lars then ends up falling in love with the robot and fortunately his life takes a positive turn.


Metropolis is a film from 1927, the oldest on our list. The story of this movie revolves around a beautiful young robot who is created in a crazy world and who later takes direct control of the city.

Metropolis is very interesting because it also comes close to predicting the future of robots. It almost shows the world that robots will serve humans in a different way in the future.

The story is about a mad scientist who in his madness creates a robot companion. This companion then turns out to be a very active and lovable robot. She is excited about the city she lives in and she runs this crazy city like her little playground.


Robot movies are all about robots, as the human element is often overlooked. In the wake of the popularity of sex dolls and robotics, this movie seems to take a closer look at the world.

As a fan of robots and sex dolls, you will quickly fall in love with the beautiful robot world shown in the movie. Robots are considered to be intelligent and work conscious.

This movie is just a wonderful glimpse into the future of robots and sex dolls.

Big Hero 6

We couldn’t resist the urge to include a Disney movie on our list. This is especially interesting for people who like movies that don’t contain sensitive graphics.

While this movie does not contain sensitive graphics, it does delve into artificial intelligence. The film tells the story of a boy and his AI robot dog who find themselves growing up together.

As they adjust to their adult world together, they find themselves with some natural creations. In these creations, the two encounter situations where they are forced to choose to do good or evil.


Anna Kendrick takes the lead role in this humorous film. While most of the films on our list take a turn towards romantic dramas, philosophical topics and sexuality, Dummy takes a more interesting view.

Dummy is a modern-day film about a rebellious teenage girl who escapes her oppressive family. She ends up stealing her friend’s sex doll at her friend’s house and goes on an epic adventure with the doll.

The two eventually form a deep friendship and the sex doll seems to solve most teenage problems. The story eschews the notion that sex dolls are merely devices and introduces an accompanying narrative.

The lessons of this story are mixed with comedy to make the movie fun and exciting as well.

The popularity of sex dolls has soared in the past few years. This suggests that the average person may need more than just their fellow human beings to be completely satisfied with their sex life.

In addition, having sex dolls in the bedroom is no longer a strange thing, there are many people who have them and prefer them. Nowadays there are various types and styles of sex dolls you can choose the doll you want according to your preference, they can bemature sex dollsor young sex dolls, and they can also be anime sex dolls, as long as they are what you want they will try to satisfy your needs.

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