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one of the most expensive sex toys

World’s oldest vibrator

The oldest sex toy, the siltstone phallus is estimated to be at least 28,000 years old. It was found in a cave and put together in the Germany’s University of Tubingen.

Lubricant as sex aid

The use of lube has started as far back as the ancient Greeks  Then, olive oil was used to lubricate their dildos.

First electromechanical vibrator

World’s first electromechanical vibrator is patented in 1880 by British scientist Joseph Mortimer Granvilles.

First wireless vibrator

Jon H Travel patented the first wireless vibrator in 1968. Soon after, the demand for vibrators began to explode.

David Beckham’s present

David Beckham bought a platinum vibrator for his wife while she was pregnant. He spent $1.8 million on the vibrator that has a 10-carat diamond base and linked to a 16-carat diamond necklace.

Demand for sex toys

Every one in two women in the owns a sex toy

Why rabbit vibrator?

It was designed like a rabbit because it was against the Japanese law to create a sex toy that resembles like a penis.