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Sex is a normal part of life, and sexual desire is in all of us! Don’t worry, just because a person has a sexual fantasy, this does not make that person a sex freak. We will share with you the 7 darkest secrets!

#1: Random Person

Although it might seem a little strange, it is not uncommon at all for a person to have sexual fantasies about a complete stranger. Sometimes, the stranger isn’t really a stranger, rather a waiter at a restaurant or the barista serving coffee at the local Starbucks. But whatever way you want to look at it, don’t pretend that you haven’t thought a time or two about a stranger you’d like to snuggle up with under the covers!

#2: Orgies

This common sexual fantasy may or may not be one of yours. If you have the strong belief that sex should stay between two people, then group sex is probably not one of your fantasies, but for many people it is. And for those that do have this fantasy, to them, it’s usually the more, the merrier.

#3: Getting Smacked Around

Getting smacked around isn’t like getting raped, so you should understand that there is a difference, as long as the “getting smacked around” isn’t too forceful or unwanted and because many men do play a role of dominance in the bedroom, many women have a fantasy of being the dominant one.

#4: Sex Toys Galore

Although some people never make their way into a sex toy shop, they do fantasize about using them. If you happen to be one of those people, you need to realize that using sex toys is quite common, and if you go about it safely, it’s very sanitary and the toys can really arouse you in ways you never knew you could be aroused.

#5: Letting Other People Watch

Most people would never let an audience watch them have sex, but they sure do fantasize about it. In fact, some of them take the fantasy so far as to taping themselves having sex and then watching the tape at a later time.

#6: Swinging the Other Way

While it may not be a fantasy for many men to be with another guy, for women, being with another girl is a major turn on. Even though, most women would never swing the other way, this isn’t to say they don’t fantasize about it from time to time.

#7: Three-Way

This is kind of like the orgy fantasy, but with only three people. And it depends on the person doing the fantasizing as to which sexes are involved. It could be three females, two females and a guy, two guys and a female or three guys. And yes, this is a fantasy that we believe has been lived out by many.

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