7 Best Vibrators For Women That Make Her Come Every Time

In this article you will learn:

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  • The best sex toys to buy your girlfriend
  • How to use a vibrator on your woman

The other day I got asked the question

“Charles, what’s the best sex toys couples can use, especially for pleasing my woman?”

Buying a vibrator for your girlfriend or wife is a good idea. But how do you know what the right choice is?

Here you can read what the 7 best vibrators to buy her are.

And how to choose the one that fits your partner best.

7 Best Vibrators For Your Woman That Make Her Come Every Time

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Why Would You Buy a Vibrator?

Women sometimes use a vibrator to satisfy themselves, but you can also use a toy together.

A vibrator is only for couples who are 100 % sexually at ease with each other. Especially for women who think it’s exciting to try new things.

So if you want to become better in bed and have more variety in your love life, this is perfect for that.

So it has nothing to do with whether you yourself are good in bed or not.

Just the opposite.

  • A vibrator gives you both extra pleasure.

  • It makes your sex life more exciting

  • It prepares her for the penetration

  • She will come extra fast

When Do You Use It?

  • During foreplay

Vibrators make foreplay a lot more intense. You can use it to stimulate and seduce her. This way she will already be prepared for penetration.

  • During the sex

You also have vibrators for during sex, that stimulate her clit – and makes the sex many times more exciting for her AND for you.

  • After sex

Have you already come (too soon), but she hasn’t yet? With a vibrator she will come in no time.

How Do You Pick the Right Vibrator for Her?

Do you think it’s a good idea to make your sex life more exciting?

Then you have two choices:

1. Choose one together

2. Surprise her

For both options, it’s important to know what kind of vibrator your wife or girlfriend would prefer.

What if you buy the wrong one?

Then you might give her a scare, or even worse: she might be disgusted by what you’ve bought, and you can forget all about sex.

So you have to be able to assess what turns her on.

How Do You Pick the Right Vibrator for Her?

Yes, you’re reading it right. You have to have a conversation about it.

Not everyone is naturally adventurous, and maybe she needs some time to get used to the idea.

It can be a little uncomfortable to talk about it. But it’s better to know her preferences, before you give her something she doesn’t want at all.

How to Talk About It

Yes, you’re reading it right. You have to have a conversation about it.

Not everyone is naturally adventurous, and maybe she needs some time to get used to the idea.

It can be a little uncomfortable to talk about it. But it’s better to know her preferences, before you give her something she doesn’t want at all.

Two Things Are Important:

1. Tell her that it’s completely normal to use sex toys. Present it like something adventurous you can do, instead of something serious.

2. Convince her that you don’t think the sex is boring now, and that this is a sign that you have a healthy sex life. A vibrator can only make it better.​

How You Introduce a Vibrator to Her

If you don’t see her for a few days, tell her she has to go without sex for a while… but well, she can have enough fun with her vibrator.

​This will allow you to see her reaction. And almost EVERY woman has one.

If she reacts with “I’m not like that”, you can tell her “About time I get one for you” and if she laughs a little in response, you’ll know that she has at least one, and she’d like it if you bought one.


It’s also possible to have a more in-depth conversation about it. What she likes etc, or whether she’d like to try one together.

That makes picking a vibrator a lot easier.

What Kinds of Vibrators Are There?

There are a lot.

There are all kinds of models, colors and materials. And they all have different features.

In short: all vibrators are different. This will help make the choice easier:

What Should It Do?

There are vibrators for internal and external pleasure. The external vibrators stimulate the clitoris, the internal – you may be able to guess – can be inserted.

An internal vibrator – is available as a classic model which looks as realistic as possible, and does no more than its job. There is also a g-spot model with a slightly bent top which vibrates softly. With a lot of women, the g-spot is hard to find, but not with this vibrator.

The external vibrator – is completely focused on stimulating the clitoris as a tongue or finger would.

What Will You Use It for?

Do you want to buy a vibrator for your girlfriend so she can use it herself, or do you want to participate? Should it be water-tight, or is that not something you need? All things to pay attention to, before picking a vibrator for your girlfriend.

You can pick a vibrator which you can control (or her herself) or one which you can insert, and also leaves room for you, so you can both enjoy the toy.

For couples, the We Vibe is a good choice. You can insert the vibrator into her, and it will stay there while you are fucking. Pleasure for the both of you.

Top 7 Vibrators to Buy for Your Girlfriend

Because every woman is different, I have divided the vibrators by type of woman.

Because some vibrators are more suitable for experienced women, and the other way around.

See here:​

For Beginners and Shy Types

If she has never used a vibrator, you can’t bring her one the size of king kong in neon colors, with five different rotating parts and settings.

The best thing is to start with an external vibrator, or an internal vibrator that isn’t too big.

  • Choose an innocent color like purple or pink. It will feel a little less crazy to her that way.

  • It’s important that it doesn’t make too much noise.

Clitoris vibrator

Don’t choose a very intense clitoris vibrator right away. It will stimulate the clit quite intensely, which can be too much for inexperienced women.

  • Recommended: finger vibrator. It’s so small that it’s almost not possible that it will startle her. Even if your girlfriend is inexperienced with vibrators, she will like trying this one out.

Small internal vibrator.

The mini-vibrator is always a good choice. This one is not too big, and it’s a good starting point.

  • Recommended for the woman who doesn’t like too much fuss: classic vibrator. This vibrator usually just looks like a regular penis, it just does its job, and nothing more.

The Type That Has Difficulty Coming

Most women need their clitoris stimulated in order to come. So if your girlfriend has difficulty coming, an external vibrator with a powerful vibration is the best choice.

  • Choose one with adjustable vibration strength– so you can easily experiment with what she likes most and what works best

  • With this one, it’s also important that it doesn’t make too much noise – it will only distract her.

Double stimulation

Some women come sooner if they are stimulated internally and externally.

  • That’s why this is a good choice: A Tarzan model which stimulates her clitoris and her vagina. She will come much more easily.

For Experienced Women with Guts

Does your wife or girlfriend already have a vibrator or do you know that she is up for somewhat more daring models? Then choose a less standard vibrator.

For example:

  • Tarzan or rabbit: this vibrator looks a lot more impressive. This means it’s not suitable for shy women. It has two ends, for the stimulating of both the vagina and the clitoris. The top often rotates and the lower part is shaped like a dolphin or rabbit.

  • The iPhone-vibrator: you can connect this toy to your iPhone, and it will react to your instructions. Make her come whenever you want, via an app on your phone.

  • Anal vibrator: If she really wants to try something different, you can buy an anal vibrator. Especially if you’ve already been having anal sex. The point of this vibrator is a little thinner, so that it’s easier to insert.

Now that you know which vibrator is the best choice for your wife or girlfriend, it’s also helpful to know HOW to use it.

7 Things Every Man Should Know About Using A Vibrator On His Girlfriend

1. Don’t Switch It on Right Away

A vibrator is a little colder than body temperature. So let her get used to the vibrator first, by touching her labia with the tip.

2. Make Sure She’s Wet and Horny

A vibrator that enters with difficulty is not very nice. That’s why it’s very important to make her properly horny first, before you use the vibrator. Would you like to know how to do this? Read this article with 10 tips.

So make sure she’s properly wet before you continue, or use (warming) lube.

3. Start With the Lowest Setting

Most vibrators have multiple settings, start with the lowest, and discover what she likes by slowly upping the speed.

4. Rotate and Vary

You don’t just have to move a vibrator up and down. You can also make rotating movements, move with harder and softer thrusts, or adjust the pace.

5. Try and Experiment

Some women like holding a vibrator firmly against their clitoris, and others prefer small rotating movements. Does she like having her clitoris stimulated directly, or does she prefer stimulation of the area around it?

You can also use vibrators during anal sex, for example, to stimulate her clitoris while you fuck her ass.

6. Ask and Communicate

Ask if you should continue what you’re doing, or listen to her breathing (it will be faster if she likes it). Every woman has her own preferences, and there’s only 1 way to find out…

Bonus: How to Make Her Come Very Hard

Buying a vibrator for your girlfriend is the first step towards becoming better in bed.

But did you know that there are even more cool tricks to make her come hard?

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Or, if you have suggestions for good vibrators, leave a comment below.

Happy fucking 😉

– Charles

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