5 sex positions you can have sex with sex dolls

Advanced sex dollsare known to look exactly like real people. In addition to their elastic and soft skin, they have internal bones that can be changed into various positions for sexual pleasure. If you are new to sex dolls and are fascinated by having sex with them, then we can help you have a unique and incredible experience. You can play with these sex dolls as much as you want because they will not get tired. They symbolize the perfect combination of ultra-modern production precision and human goals. Some of them can also be designed differently according to the buyer’s taste.

Sex dolls can save or improve a monotonous relationship. They can help you get some pretty wild imaginations. The ultimate synthetic human being that provides companionship and sexual pleasure. Sex dolls resemble men and women in almost every way.

Fortunately, these dolls are safe to use. Such dolls offer many benefits to the user, and their most important necessity is that they cannot transmit HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. This is of course if only one person uses it for sexual pleasure. If you decide to share your sex doll with others, clean it thoroughly before using it.

How do you have sex with a sex doll? Here are five amazing sex positions that you can try with your doll for more enjoyable sex.

Dog style

Dog style with sex dolls

Dog style is one of the most popular positions for most people. If you want erotic stimulation, this sex position is great. Have your sex doll kneel on the bed so she is face down. Raise her arms slightly above her head to balance or support her body. Open her legs from behind to improve her balance. Penetrate her from behind, you can choose to drill her as hard or as gently as you like. If you like rough sex, this position gives you the opportunity to spank your doll like you would a human partner. Make sure you’re careful enough to protect her knees from friction, and once you’ve impaled her, straighten her legs back to a neutral position to avoid prolonged injury.

Try this sexual position with a big-ass sex doll for added fun. You can enjoy hitting your doll as you push her hard.

However, this position is not as intimate as other intercourse positions and is ideal for slow and deep penetration, which can cause knee injuries if not performed carefully.


Cradle sex position

This is a great sex position to add to your catalog because it is intimate and does not require much strength or stamina to perform. Start by sitting down and facing your sex doll; bring your legs around her body while making sure they are stuck inside you as you have her legs around your waist. Have your love doll slide her hips toward you until you enter her, then start moving together slowly.

However, you won’t get too much stimulation from this position, although a slow amazing body can reach the true orgasmic power of this position to reach climax. Quiet, sensual movements will allow you to last longer and savor great pleasure.


Cowgirl sex position

If you like to lie down during sex, then you will find this position more interesting. It’s effortless; lie on your back on the floor or bed and place the sex doll on top of you in a squatting position. Place your hands on her waist and begin thrusting as gently or as hard as you wish. In this way, you can have an orgasm while staring at her breasts bobbing up and down. You can also penetrate her quickly while staring at her pretty face.

You can also place your doll on top of you in a reverse cowgirl position. But in this position, you won’t be able to look directly into her eyes or bouncing breasts. Here, you either go right inside her while you penetrate her, or you can also let her ride on top of you.

You can also use the weight of the doll to help you and add extra passion to your sexual moments.

Bending over

Bending over for sex position

This sex position is very common and has been used by many couples in the past few years. In order to perform this sex position perfectly, you must have your sex doll stand charmingly in front of you and then penetrate her from behind. You then stand close to a table, chair or bed while holding your love doll from behind.

This is the ideal position for vaginal and anal penetration. You can introduce even more sensuality by having your doll wear sexy high heels and having her dramatically stretch her ass. The beauty of this position is that it can be performed anywhere, even outside the bedroom. You can also add to the fun by introducing different objects (such as beds, pillows, chairs and couches) to make your doll bend over.

Be careful not to use rough surfaces, which can cause damage to your doll’s artificial skin. Although this position can bring you to orgasm, it is not meant to be used for longer periods of time. This is because over time, it will scrape off her knees and other body parts.


Missionary Sex Position

This sexual position has become a default sexual position. The missionary sex position has been used for years because it is so good. It is easy to have sex in missionary style without the need to be nervous and maintain eye contact with your doll. You can do it by placing your doll on her back. Then, you can slightly bend her legs as you stretch her legs.

Or, instead of bending her legs, you can rest them on your shoulders. This will allow you to get the classic visual of her breasts as you thrust your penis in and out. Another benefit of using this sex position is that you can cum anywhere on the doll’s body. Missionary style is one of the best positions for dolls because it is easy and allows you to slide into her body quickly. In addition, it also makes you more attached to the doll.

Nowadays, sex dolls come in various styles and types you can choose what you want whether it is a Japanese sex dollfull of eroticism or acurvy sex dollwith a perfect body or an anime sex doll full of anime style, they will meet your needs and desires very well.

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