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Are you head over heels for a guy but unsure about his true intentions?

We understand how agonizing it can be for you to always second-guess where you stand in his life.

Especially if he’s keeping you on the fence about whether he wants a serious relationship or something more casual.

But keep in mind that actions speak louder than words. If he’s only looking for a friend with benefits, then that isn’t too difficult to figure out.

casual relationship signscasual relationship signs

So, how do you tell if he just wants a casual relationship? These are clear signs:


1) He Only Messages You at Odd Hours

Do you wait for his text all day long only to hear back from him at odd hours?

If so, then the chances are that even then, he’s not texting you because he’s missing you.

Instead, he plans on turning that texting session into a sexting session – or even a hook up.

We have a list of the most common hook up text messages here. If you recognize any, that means he wants just a casual relationship.


2) He Avoids Talking About the Future

Talking about the future doesn’t always mean discussing marriage and having kids. Even something as small as making plans for a trip shows signs of seriousness.

But if the only thing you hear from him is to Netflix and chill, then we believe, he’s only in it for the sex.


3) He Bails Out on you at the Last Minute

If someone truly matters to you, you will make time for them. There are no last-minute bailouts or change of plans.

We understand there can always be emergencies. However, if he’s frequently ditching for “something urgent”, then this is a clear sign he just wants a fling.

It means he’s not as much invested in this relationship as you are.


4) He Never Talks About His Past Relationships

Whenever you talk about past relationships or any of his exes, he’d change the topic. In some cases, it may be because he’s uncomfortable, but that’s unlikely.

The more you open up to someone, the more you strengthen your bond with them. So he might be avoiding telling personal details of his life because he wants to keep it casual.


5) He Keeps you as a Secret to the World

He tells you that you’re one of the “closest” people to him in the world. Yet, he keeps you like a dirty secret.

You wouldn’t see him engaging with you publicly on posts on social media. And he would do anything he can to avoid you in front of people.

This is because casual relationships are usually about sex. He doesn’t want anyone to know who he has been hooking up with.


6) He’s Always Throwing Mixed Signals

Does he sometimes pretend you mean the world to him and on other occasions, he completely ghosts on you?

Well, these are called “mixed signals”. He’s holding you at arm’s length and making excuses.

His only intention is to keep you in the loop so you don’t go off to other guys. But it’s highly unlikely your situation will change with him.


7) He Doesn’t Make Any Effort to See You

If you’re the only one who’s making plans then re-evaluate where you stand with him.

An effort needs to be made from both sides to make a relationship successful.

You can’t be the only one who’s making plans. Let him take the initiative, and if he’s not, then it’s clear he isn’t interested in hanging out.


8) He Doesn’t Remember Inviting You to Events

Did he host the wildest party in town, inviting dozens of girls but forgot you?

As painful and disappointing as it can be, at least it clearly tells where you stand in his life.

He’s only around you for sex, and you shouldn’t expect anything serious with him.


9) He Never Talks About Introducing you To His Friends

When a guy introduces a girl to his friends, it means he’s serious with her.

He’s not afraid to let his circle know that he’s in a thing with someone.

This can be a great way to take a relationship to the next level. But if you’re non-existent to his friends, then some things definitely fishy.


10) He Ghosts you for Days

Does it happen that he would treat you like a queen one day, and for the rest of the week, he’d go missing in action?

Think about what your conversation was with him the last time. Or better yet, did you two engage in a sexual activity?

If so, then you got your answer. He came to you for satisfying his sexual desires. Once he got what he wanted, he disappeared.

Now the next time you hear from him will be when he’s horny again.


11) He Actively Uses Dating Apps

Finding out if someone is registered on a dating app is quite easy.

Filter out profiles according to gender, age and location, and you’ll see the relevant profile.

Why are we telling you this? Well, it’s worth checking if he’s on dating apps.

If you find his profile on them, then there are at least 2 more girls like you he’s playing with.


12) He’s Always Flirting with Other Women

It can truly be heart-wrenching to see someone you like flirting with other people.

If you find him hitting on other women both on social media and in real life, even with you around, then he doesn’t care about you.

Expecting something serious from such a man will only lead you to heartbreak.


13) He’s Always Checking Out Other Women Even When around You

We all ogle someone we find hot now and then, nothing wrong with it.

But if a man is trying to win you over, then at least he won’t ogle at other women with you around.

Not only is it disrespectful, but also shows a lack of interest. If he habitually does that, then it is certainly a red flag.


14) He Doesn’t Try Knowing More About You

Is he only interested in knowing your bra size and the color of your panties?

If that’s the case, then don’t expect he’d stick around for long.

Because when you’re truly interested in someone, you try knowing more about them.


15) He Says He’s Not Ready for a Relationship

Saying “I’m not ready for a relationship” is often a classic way of saying “I only want to have sex with you”.

As we mentioned above, he’d keep sending you mixed signals. And when you would try taking the relationship to the next level, he’d say he isn’t ready.

Don’t be surprised if you find him dating someone else within the next few months.


16) Your Conversations with Him are Always Sexual

If he only wants a casual relationship then you’ll notice a pattern in his conversations.

Every time you talk to him, the convo will go in a sexual direction.

Knowing a person creates an emotional connection and if he only wants sex, then he’ll avoid that.


17) You’re At The Bottom of His Priority List

He doesn’t remember you for plans, doesn’t call you back nor replies to your messages.

It’s clear he only wants you as an FWB. Similar to this sign, you’re also at the bottom of his priority list.

So instead of letting him run over you, take charge, and stop being treated like an option.


What to Do If a Guy Only Wants a Casual Relationship?

Is the guy you’re interested in checking multiple boxes from the signs above?

Well then, one thing’s clear then – he doesn’t want a serious relationship with you.

What’s next is to evaluate whether you can stay around him or not.

If you can suppress your feelings for him and like the sex, then keep things going. However, we don’t recommend that.

It’s highly unlikely that you’d be able to suppress your feelings. It will only disrupt your inner peace.

So if your casual relationship is becoming too much to bear, then consider getting out of it.


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