10 Ways to Get Her Interested in You – Sexdollformen Real Sex dolls Sex toys

You found the perfect girl for your romantic moments, but now you are not sure what to do next? Here are ten ways to get her interested in you so you can move on to the next step.

1. Drop the Cheesy Pickup Lines

Those tired lines about how you heard she was looking for Mr. Right, so you came over to introduce yourself will not get you far with her. Instead, just a simple greeting and asking about her day are easy ways to get her to talk.

2. Keep Silences Short

Awkward silences are just that: awkward. When the silence drags on for too long, think of something you know will get her talking: her pets, her outfit, her friends.

3. Be Mysterious

When talking with the girl of your dreams, don’t spill all your secrets at once. Remain a man of mystery, and keep her guessing.

4. Don’t Talk Too Much

It can be easy to talk nonstop about what interests you in an effort to show her how interesting you are. Try not to do this, though, unless it is a passion that you both share. Otherwise, you could see her eyes glaze over with boredom.

5. Compliment Her

Every girl likes to be noticed so make sure you let her know that you think she’s pretty. Be specific, though, by saying that you like her eyes or the way her hair looks that day.

6. Talk to Other Girls

Just because you are interested in one girl does not mean that you should stop talking to other girls. Talking to them can make her realize that she likes you.

7. Make Her Smile

Everyone loves to laugh, and if you can get a girl to smile, or even laugh, that can go a long way to making her want to be around you even more.

8. Put Some Space in Between You Two

Spending time with her is a great way to let her see how perfect you are for her, but make sure you give her the time and space she needs so that she misses you. This will get her longing about the next time she sees you again.

9. Take Time to Get to Know Her

Ask about her life. Learn about what makes her happy. Find out what she likes to do to have fun.

10. Let her Know You are Thinking About Her

Tell her about a great website you think she might like, based on her interests, or a hit movie that you think she should see.

This list is full of ideas to help you get the girl you like to notice you. Have fun with it!